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Progress Bar: Volume 6 Chapter 4 started!

Volume 6 Chapter 4: 60% (Last Updated 9/2/15)

Chapter 3 done!

Yay! Still in Japan, but will be coming back in two days. Will have to work hard to catch up on the translation, but everything should go as planned :)

Next part will be 2 days late

I thought I would be able to update on Sunday but I think I need to focus on Comiket so I don’t die lol. I’ll upload it when Comiket is over.

Chapter 3 going smoothly. Also, going to Japan.

Hey all,

So chapter 3 is going smoothly. The next part is humongous (20+ pages) so I’m going to split it into two (I’ll place a bookmark where I split it so people will know exactly where the split happened). But there’ll be lots of goodies in it, so look forward to it!

By the way, I’m going to be in Japan for a week starting Aug 9, and will be attending Comiket 88. What does this mean for this translation project? Absolutely nothing – I’m going to double down in the next few days and translate ahead a bit, so the updates should still come on time (maybe displaced by a few hours though because of time zone confusion). Just to let you all know though, I’ll be tweeting about my trip and posting photos on our twitter account, so if you want to follow along with me be sure to follow us! Our Twitter Account (Click me!)

Chapter 2 done!


Chapter 3 is next. By the way, does everyone like this new update schedule (something posted every 3 days or so)? I hope it is more effective at bringing more zombie fun to everyone.

Volume 5 PDF and ePub are available.

And here we are again, in this familiar place. From the shadows a new volume appears! Enjoy.

– DevilHands

Volume 6 Chapter 2-3 up.

Also, Chapter 2-4 is huge so I’m going to take an extra day for it. Enjoy everyone!


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