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Progress Bar: Volume 6 Chapter 3 started!

Volume 6 Chapter 3: 10% (Last Updated 8/1/15)

Chapter 2 done!


Chapter 3 is next. By the way, does everyone like this new update schedule (something posted every 3 days or so)? I hope it is more effective at bringing more zombie fun to everyone.

Volume 5 PDF and ePub are available.

And here we are again, in this familiar place. From the shadows a new volume appears! Enjoy.

– DevilHands

Volume 6 Chapter 2-3 up.

Also, Chapter 2-4 is huge so I’m going to take an extra day for it. Enjoy everyone!

It’s Yuu’s birthday!

At least, that’s the subject of Chapter 2 in Volume 6. Enjoy!

By the way, it’s clear at this point that I will finish translating Volume 6 before moving onto Volume 7, so everything will be nice and sequential.

Volume 6 Chapter 1 done!


Chapter 1 Part 6 uploaded!

Was a few hours late with regards to the timer. Sorry! Next update will complete chapter 1.


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