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Progress Bar: Volume 6 Chapter 6 started!

Volume 6 Chapter 6: 45% (Last Updated 10/12/15)

Chapter 6-2A translated!

Hiramatsu sure is cute.

Chapter 6 starts!

Part 1 is posted. Part 2 is insanely long so will be posted in two updates.

Chapter 5 complete!

HOORAY! Now onwards to the last chapter. Sorry this was a day delayed – some real life deadlines snuck up on me.

Chapter 5 Part 7 posted!

Lol somehow I get the feeling people might not like this part. One part left!

Chapter 5-6 posted!

Gearing up for the exciting chapter conclusion~~!

Chapter 5 Part 5 posted!

Anyone up for some painting?

Chapter 5 Part 4 posted!

Let the games continue~~


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