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Progress Bar: Volume 8 started!

Volume 8 Chapter 1: 75% (Last Updated 8/28/16)

Next part posted~


Chapter 1 double release!

Released a huge chunk of chapter 1 to make up for the lack of release last week (totals to around 20-30 pages). Regular releases should resume on weekends from here on out. I named it 1-1A because chapter 1 is technically all one huge part, and 1-1B which will be released next week is still part of chapter 1-1. When all parts of chapter 1 are posted ill concatenate all the parts into one document.


Volume 8 prologue finished!


By the way, Chapter 1 is only one part. One very very very long part. So it’ll be split into multiple releases.

I’ll try to get the first part up next week, but I’ll be in Japan so it may be difficult. In the event that I can’t get a release out next week, I’ll make a double release the following week (which should constitute around half the chapter).


First half of V8 Prologue posted


Volume 8 Starts!

Hey all,

I’m back from my hiatus and happy to announce that Volume 8 will now start with regular releases. I won’t be able to keep up the 4-day release pace I had before, but releases should roll out every week. For now, I’ve posted the color illustrations (thanks to Aries for the typesets!). Look out for the prologue to start next week.

Happy reading!


Volume 7 finished!

Thanks for waiting everyone. The epilogue and afterword have been posted, marking the finishing of Volume 7.

I’ve already started working on Volume 8, but at the moment a lot of things are happening in my life (as you might have guessed) that isn’t making it easy for me to keep to a regular schedule. I’ll keep you posted, but it’s possible the updates will have to slow down a bit. They’ll still definitely be much more regular than what’s been going on for the past 2-3 months though.

The other thing I didn’t mention was that part of my taking a break from zombie was because I was working on a different translation project, one which hopefully I will be able to tell you about soon. I will say that that project is a one-shot though, so it shouldn’t in the long run detract from my working on Zombie. Stay tuned!


Job interviews are exhausting

Please be patient for just a bit longer…


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