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Volume 8 Chapter 2: 100% (Last Updated 11/6/16)

I’m not dead

Apologies for the wait. I’m trying to get back to translating but free time is just lacking. I’m definitely not dead (I’m still doing a lot of admin work for the group to keep things running smoothly), but just haven’t had enough free time to get back to translating in earnest. I will let you all know when I have some more concrete numbers for when I’m coming back, but I definitely will come back!

where has nano gone? D=

So, I’ve been doing a stint at a new company for the past few months and it’s essentially destroyed my life. That ends this week, and I’ll have a nice long break and won’t be as busy early next year. I’m looking forward to getting back to translating and bringing you all some zombie fun.

Sorry I didn’t notify you of this earlier. I thought I could juggle this with my job but apparently not.

Volume 8 chapter 2 complete!

As promised, here’s another double release! Chapter 2 of volume 8 is now complete!

Double release up!

Expect another one this weekend.

Double release this Sunday and next Sunday

Hey all,

Sorry for the delay on the next update. Work unexpectedly picked up and I had deadlines to keep – but now things are a bit more calm. I’ll be working hard this weekend to bring you a double release this Sunday, and another double release next Sunday. That should bring us to the end of Chapter 2. Look forwards to it!

Next part up

This completes Chapter 2 part 1. Which was insanely long. Why are these parts so long now? -_-

Upon posting the next part I’ll consolidate all the Chapter 2 Part 1 pages.

Volume 7 PDF And Epub Now Available

Hey everyone, sorry about the delay on this one, always a few wrinkles to iron out in the end of course. Thankfully the quality should make up for it. Also thank you to everyone who sent messages offering assistance to help get this volume out faster. We greatly appreciate the abundant enthusiasm of all our readers and all the messages you send. Enjoy the new volume!



– DH

New update! Volume 8 Chapter 2-1b up!

I released a bit more than I was planning to try and make up for the lack of an update last week (yay cute Yuu illusts!). Things should be much more stable now since Qualia is finished and won’t be distracting me anymore.

PS: Go read Qualia! It’s great.

Update tomorrow

Sorry for the delay – was making sure Qualia launched properly this week.

Volume 8 Chapter 2 kickoff!

And so we start Chapter 2 with a nice hefty double release! Also, V8C1 has been consolidated into one page, so you can feel free to read it uninterrupted now.