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Progress Bar: Volume 7 Chapter 1 starts!

Volume 7 Chapter 1: 82% (Last Updated 11/28/15)

Volume 7 Chapter 1 continues! One more part left!

One more part left in Chapter 1! By the way, some of you may have noticed that our navigation bar died recently and only now has been restored. There is still an error on the WordPress side that is screwing up all our nav bars, and we are brute-force adding them back manually one by one. This is not a great way to do things of course – if you find any weird links in the nav bar please report them to us and we’ll get those sorted out.

We’re already talking with WordPress support to try and fix this. Hopefully everything will be 100% back to normal in a few days.

Chapter 1-2 is up!

1-3 will once again be split into two parts. FYI this entire chapter is 3 parts only.

Volume 6 PDF And Epub Now Available

Allo my friends, DevilHands here again to bring you a fresh piping-hot volume just off the presses. Enjoy.

[木村心一] これはゾンビですか? 第06巻001







– DH

Volume 7 Chapter 1-1 complete!

Sorry for the delay again. Also I realized I completely romanized Naegleria’s name incorrectly based on the “official” translation, so that’s been fixed.

Look forward to part 2!

Volume 7 Chapter 1 started!

Sorry this came a day late – something came up which prevented me from posting yesterday. Have fun reading!

Volume 7 prologue done!

Chapter 1 is next. Chapter 1 is also really long – the first part of it alone is 20+ pages. So I’ll be releasing the first part in two halves.

More Volume 7 prologue posted!



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