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Progress Bar: Volume 5 Chapter 3 done!

Volume 5 Chapter 3 Progress: 100% (Last Updated 3/26/15)

Volume 5 Chapter 3 completed!


I am taking a zombie break next week to work on Sasami-san (which as I keep on mentioning, is a great series). But after that, I will be back to working on Chapter 4 of KoreZon!

More Chapter 3 + Omake

Hey all,

We’re almost done with Chapter 3 now, and I’ve also posted the typeset omake for this volume. Enjoy!

Volume 5 Chapter 3 started!

Wow, is it just me, or is this entire volume going to take place over the course of one friggin day? Anyways, working hard on Chapter 3 now, and the first third of it is out! Enjoy!

V5C2 posted!

Wanted to post it last week, but midterms etc. etc.


V5 Color Illusts posted.

A little gift to tide you over while I prepare the rest of C2 for release next week.

Regular service should resume shortly

Hey all,

Just a short update – I spent most of winter break working on Oreimo and Sasami-san, which is why you haven’t seen Korezon updates. Actually ended up translating around 100 pages of those two. But after this current Sasami-san chapter (around 10 pages left), I’ll be shifting focus back to Korezon. So you should be seeing Korezon updates again shortly.


Volume 4 PDF and ePub are avaiable

Delays. A lot of them. But they won’t stop us, so here it is! Volume 4 of Korezon is finally avaiable for download in both PDF and ePub formats! Enjoy!


– Whitesora


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