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Progress Bar: Volume 7 Chapter 4 finished!

Volume 7 Chapter 4: 100% (Last Updated 3/27/16)

Job interviews are exhausting

Please be patient for just a bit longer…

Chapter 4 done!

Only the epilogue left. Sorry for the delay again – now that I look back I realize I left it off at a pretty awkward place. But a nice chunky update should hopefully make up for that.

I will try to post the rest of the volume by the end of next week.


Sorry for delays

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delays – I haven’t had time to translate the next part yet. I will try to get it up by next week. As you can probably tell, my school semester was just teeming with awfulness this semester. But the semester just finished so hopefully I will have a sense of normalcy returning to my life.

Chapter 4-3 started!

The end approacheth…

Chapter 4-2 posted

The part was a bit shorter than expected so I posted the entire part. Enjoy!

Next part will be delayed until Sunday


Volume 7 chapter 4 started!

First part is up. Enjoy.


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