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Progress Bar: Volume 7 Chapter 4 started!

Volume 7 Chapter 4: 10% (Last Updated 2/7/16)

Volume 7 chapter 4 started!

First part is up. Enjoy.

Chapter 3 complete!

Yeah, I was late with the last part. Went on a trip and it was way more tiring than anticipated. However, I’ve made up for it by giving you all a DOUBLE RELEASE! I worked hard and got through all of chapter 3, so it’s all up now for your reading pleasure!

Also, I found a part of volume 7 chapter 3-3 where I forgot to upload an illustration. That’s been fixed.

Volume 7 Chapter 3-4 done

To those who are annoyed by the late update, I do apologize – life is still taking a toll on me, but I should be less busy after this week.

Chapter 3-4 started!

Wow what a week.

Chapter 3-3 fully posted!

Yay! Unfortunately next post will be a bit delayed – my entire weekend has been killed by work and so I won’t have any time to translate.

Volume 7 Chapter 3-2 posted!


Volume 7 Chapter 3-1 done!



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