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Progress Bar: Volume 6 Chapter 1 done!

Volume 6 Chapter 1: 100% (Last Updated 7/6/15)

Volume 6 Chapter 1 done!


Chapter 1 Part 6 uploaded!

Was a few hours late with regards to the timer. Sorry! Next update will complete chapter 1.

Volume 6 color illustrations uploaded!

Yeah, cuz we all know the color illusts are super important :D. These were typeset by our newest graphics artist Aries, so a huge thanks to her!

Mmmm beach scene.

Chapter 1 started. And half an hour early no less!

Hooray, it’s the obligatory swimming pool scene. Let’s get on with the show. After the current timer runs out I’ll update it with the next one. Next part will be scheduled for 6/20.

Cheers everyone!

Volume 6 schedule and beyond.

Hey all,

So, while that countdown timer ticks down, I wanted to just let you know how updates will work. The plan is to release a new part every 3 or 4 days (shorter parts will be 3, longer parts 4). This way, we’ll have a consistent stream of new zombie goodness coming in for all the readers to enjoy. Meanwhile, I will also try to release Sasami-san updates every 5-6 days as well. Sometimes if a chapter part is particularly long or if I’m a bit stressed IRL I’ll take 5-6 days to get the next Zombie part out, but I will try to keep that to a minimum. Either way, the clock on the side should always be accurate – I promise to not be late once a timer is posted.

So here would be a sample schedule for the near future:

6/18/15: Korezon V6C1 Parts 1 and 2.
6/21/15: Korezon V6C1 Part 3
6/23/15: Sasami-san V3 translated color illustrations
6/24/15: Korezon V6C1 Part 4
6/28/15: Korezon V6C1 Part 5
6/29/15: Sasami-san V3 Chapter 1

etc. etc.

And yes, I’ll post two parts to kick off V6C1 since it’s been a few weeks since Korezon has had an update. The second part is fairly beefy, so look forwards to it!

Korezon Chapter 1 to come soon! Also, countdown timer added.

Hey all,

I am working very hard right now to finish Sasami-san Volume 2 by by next week, but the following week I will be returning to Korezon and starting to post Chapter 1. The plan will be to make more or less weekly Korezon updates from then on, and I have also added a countdown timer to the sidebar to reflect this. I know that sometimes it’s rather difficult waiting and not knowing when the next update will come, so hopefully this takes all the mystery out of it.

Thanks all!



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