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Progress Bar: Volume 5 Chapter 2 in progress! Almost done!

Volume 5 Chapter 2 Progress: 100%! (Last Updated 2/21/15)

V5C2 posted!

Wanted to post it last week, but midterms etc. etc.


V5 Color Illusts posted.

A little gift to tide you over while I prepare the rest of C2 for release next week.

Regular service should resume shortly

Hey all,

Just a short update – I spent most of winter break working on Oreimo and Sasami-san, which is why you haven’t seen Korezon updates. Actually ended up translating around 100 pages of those two. But after this current Sasami-san chapter (around 10 pages left), I’ll be shifting focus back to Korezon. So you should be seeing Korezon updates again shortly.


Volume 4 PDF and ePub are avaiable

Delays. A lot of them. But they won’t stop us, so here it is! Volume 4 of Korezon is finally avaiable for download in both PDF and ePub formats! Enjoy!


– Whitesora

V5C1 done!


Image typesetter needed for Korezon PDF!!

Hey all,

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering where the Vol4 pdf/epub are. Truth be told, all the editing/translations are done and have been for a while, but we are currently shortstaffed in our image typesetting department (a few people went MIA on us all at once). The ONLY thing stopping us from releasing the pdf/epub are the typeset chapter illustrations (those opening pages at the beginning of each chapter).

So it would really help us out (and not only for this project) if some of you readers out there with some experience with this kind of stuff would take the extra step and apply to typeset graphics with us. Of course, you’ll also be part of one of the coolest translation groups around (a completely unbiased opinion :D), and there are all the perks that come with that. The application information is here (CLICK ME!) It involves just some basic information and typesets of two Seitokai no Ichizon illustrations which also need to be done.

V5 prologue finished!

Let’s keep the ball rolling. Here’s the new cover:

Also, I’ve posted around a ten page preview of V5 Chapter 1 on our forum (Click here!). As usual, it is in our member’s only section, so registration and two posts are required for viewing.

Happy reading!



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