Chapter 3-7

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Chapter 3: Part 7

Yuu was standing in front of my house. I wonder if she was waiting for us to return?

“Hey gloomy necromancer, what are you doing here?”

Dinner. = “I wanted to eat some dinner, but…”

“Ah, Yuu, so you couldn’t wait?”

Yuu shook her head back and forth, and handed me a memo.

I was not the one who couldn’t wait.

Haruna seemed to not know what was going on, but I had a gut instinct as to what Yuu meant.

We headed to the living room, where today’s final test was waiting for us.

The meaning of that memo… and the reason Yuu had gone out of the house to evade danger. Those things had led me to one ominous premonition.

Unfortunately, that premonition was on the mark.

“So you’ve finally come back. Things are getting cold, you know.”

There was already food lined up on the table.

The moment Haruna went into the living room, she let out a “uwaaah~,” sounding just like Hikomaro (1). “It’s food……” she continued in a tone of despair. I leaned in and whispered into Haruna’s ear.

“Just leave this to me. You go into the kitchen.”


Having grasped the situation, Haruna took Yuu with her into the kitchen. Please hurry. If you can get some proper cooking out, then we can ignore Sera’s food.

There was miso soup and a black clod set on the table. What kind of cooking was that supposed to be? Meat dumplings? They were round, jet-black spheres about the sizes of marbles. Once again, she managed to make something that was completely undecipherable.

But seeing how happy Sera seemed to be, it was hard to just tell her to get rid of this. Yuu also probably felt the same way. That’s why she had left her seat and was waiting for us outside, wasn’t it?

Seeming worried that I had been the only person who had come to the living room, Sera frowned and cocked her head to the side.

“What happened to those two?”

“Ahh, I’m so hungry. I want to eat it all.”

Ignoring her, I sat in front of the table and gulped. Of course, I had gulped out of fear, but to Sera it might have looked like I was gulping because of how delicious I thought the food looked.

She was showing me an absurdly nice smile right now. She sure does like cooking, doesn’t she?

“I-Is that so? If Ayumu thinks so, then I guess there’s no use arguing about it.”

“So, what’s this black thing?”

“Fried chicken (2). It’s my sudden death recipe, black fried chicken.”

… This wasn’t just burned, was it?

“I used a depleted uranium mesh to make it like that.”

It wasn’t just burned!

How exactly did she manage to get fried chicken to form perfect little spheres like this…?

Haruna, move faster! It seems that this really was a sudden death recipe!

“Ayumu, please dig in.”

I closed my eyes and tried to pick up a piece with my chopsticks, but it was too slippery and I couldn’t get a hold on it. So finding no other option, I tried to stab it with a chopstick, but I heard a cracking noise and a piece of the chopstick chipped off.

Ugh! That was quite some armor!

There was no way I could bite into something like this.

My hands shook in fear. I used my hands and picked up one piece of the chicken. As if I was preparing to swallow a sword, I turned my head up and dropped that piece into my mouth… or rather, down into my throat.

And that was the last thing I remembered.


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(1) Japanese comedian and actor.

(2) Actually, karaage could technically be fish, or other things, but I went with the most common conception of it.

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