Chapter 4-1

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Chapter 4 – I… Like Penguins.

Chapter 4: Part 1

When I came to, I had been blown to powder.

…Where was I? In a river? It felt like I was in water.

I had been so splendidly reduced to shreds that I wasn’t even sure if I had any brain matter left.

In the past, when my arm flew off, I would have to go and retrieve it, but what should I do when I was completely blown to pieces?

With things like this, I had no choice but to pick things up one by one. I guess zombies really didn’t die even if they were blown up… So was this the beginning of my journey to find my scattered body parts?

Don’t be ridiculous. That journey would take longer than the adventure to collect the pieces of the Shikon Jewel. (1)

A warm blue light shone on me. What was this peaceful-feeling light? Ever since I had become a zombie, I had developed a prejudice against light, but sometimes light felt good…

As I wondered what was going on, I suddenly felt the sensation of something attaching. Ahh, it was the feeling I got when my cut-off body parts reattached themselves.

So that blue light… was gathering up all my body parts? That’s what it felt like at least.

Oh, I see. Was that the power of the Gem of Life?

I felt a sense of relief… and then I lost consciousness again.

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(1) Reference to the anime Inuyasha.

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