Prologue Part 2

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Prologue Part 2

It was after school the next day, and I was sprawled out on my desk in an empty classroom.

After the exchange with Nene-san, I helped her with her manga manuscript for three more hours.

How many pages did I trace out with black ink? How many frames did I add shading too?

And yet, we weren’t even close to done.

The deadline for the manga seemed to be the nineteenth. Today was the eighteenth… what a bad time to have met her.

The sun was going to set soon. I was dead… well, technically undead, so the one thing I was weak towards was sunlight.

… In the end, the person who was supposed to help us beat Chris never showed up.

So once the sun went down, I had to go to Nene-san’s place again and continue with our work.

Nene-san had said the following:

“Oh, sorry… hmm, that’s reaaally strange. I thought that person would come too… sorry, but could you come tomorrow again? I’m sure… tomorrow… zzzzzzzzz.”

And I responded instantly with a “don’t sleep, dammit!” of course.

I could’ve gone at a later date, but strangely I had an urge to finish the work which we had started yesterday. I guess otherwise it would be like getting on a ship and bailing midway.

“Hm, alone, are you? That’s good.”

As I waited on tenterhooks for the sun to set, a dull man with a rough beard wearing a white lab coat came into the classroom.

“You’re the last person I’d want to see when I’m waking up from a nap.”

“Hey hey, that’s a pretty awful thing to say to your homeroom teacher, isn’t it?”

This was the Year 1 Class C’s temporary homeroom teacher. His name was… well, umm, I just called him the Demon Baron.

He looked annoyed no matter what he was doing, his hair was unkempt, and his lab coat dirty. It was hard to give him any respect based solely on his appearance, but he was quite an incredible person.

“It’s always a bother to talk to teachers, so I guess my manners are getting pretty sloppy in that department.”

“Aikawa Ayumu-kun. Things just got quite bad.”

It was like he was ignoring me. Well, whatever.

“You talking about Chris?”

“Yes, Chris. It’s been around two months since she’s gotten her power back, right?”

The Demon Baron shook his head sadly, scratching his cheek. When this guy showed up in front of me, it was almost always for the sake of beating Chris. We would often exchange information like this.

“Well, things should be better soon, so just be patient.”

I gave him a proud smile.

“Oh, well that’s nice then. What’s the solution you propose?”

“I asked Naegleria-san for help, and-”

“Wha-?! Naegleria… that S-Class… cough cough!

The Demon Baron continued to look shocked even as he spat out blood like someone had twisted a faucet open.

“Ugh! My doctor was so explicit too in his orders to not get excited about breasts…”

The reason this person’s coat was stained red was from wiping his mouth, and because he was constantly coughing up blood and being carried to the nurse’s office. I was used to it though, so I just kept on talking.

“Actually, sensei, where do you come from? I guess you’re acquaintances with Yuu, so… I guess you’re from the Underworld?”

“I’m from Virie. I met Eucliwood in this world. Well, back then I was putting this army of vampire ninjas together, but that’s another story. More importantly…”

“You said things were getting bad. Did something happen?”

“Ahh, well… seems the queen is coming to this world.”

“Queen? You mean, the Queen of Virie?”

“I don’t know how she caught wind of it, but now she knows about Chris. So… we have this year to make sure we get rid of Chris and pretend she never existed.”

“Why?” I really couldn’t make sense of what he was saying.

“Do you really want this entire island nation to be blown up into outer space?”

“… What does that have to do with anything?”

“The queen is the kind of person who, if we put her together with Chris, she wouldn’t bat an eye before blowing up an entire country. Right now, Ariel is managing to restrain her by pretending that Chris doesn’t exist but… well, it’s just a matter of time. And the deadline for everything is…”

“The end of this year, huh…?”

“I tried to do something about it too, but…”

“Hm? What did you try?”

“Well, we had the conservative and reform factions of the vampire ninjas, right? And you saw how Sarasvati got them all to cooperate with each other. I gathered up around a hundred of those vampire ninjas and went to take care of Chris.”

“A-A hundred?! And you still couldn’t beat her?!”

“Yeah. As expected from the ‘strongest’ masou shoujo. I thought we’d be able to manage since she can’t transform right now… but I underestimated her. So, I thought you, me, and Eucliwood could figure out a plan together. But if Naegleria is handling things…”

“Yup. Nothing to worry about.”

The Demon Baron let out a small chuckle and spoke with a joking tone in his voice.

“You might be our last guardian here. Is there anything you want from me?”

So melodramatic. Well, if you’re going to joke like that, then I’ll joke right back.

“Okay then. Buy me a can of milk coffee?”

“Ahh, sure.” The Demon Baron smiled. But right then…

Cough hack! He spit out blood.

“Ugh. My doctor ordered me to never treat anybody to anything…”

“You know, now that I think about it, isn’t that disease of yours a bit too convenient?”

The chieftain of the vampire ninjas started wobbling from the blood loss and collapsed onto the floor as I stood above him and watched him with a strained smile.

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2 thoughts on “Prologue Part 2

  1. Hoboy, so the Queen of Virie could be on her way? Not good. If Ayumu doesn’t stop Chris soon, then Japan is toast. Burnt toast at that.

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