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Hello everybody. It’s been a while. This is Kimura Shinichi.

So, did you like this volume? But in the end, this sixth volume was quite terrifying, was it not?

After all, the super-epic battle action series Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? became a romantic comedy for an entire volume! Oh no, we’re screwed! Eh? Not really, you say?

Anyways, I once again went and did another WEB radio recording for the Kimura Shinichi One Heart With You series.

This was my second time, and I think maybe because of that I was a lot more relaxed.

Well, it was also really easy to talk frankly with everyone over at the recording studio, and we had a lot of laughs even when the mics weren’t on, so it really felt more like a drinking party than a radio show.

Anyways, when I heard that there’d be another WEB radio broadcast, I ended up carrying myself to Fujimi Books a bit early, and barely able to contain my excitement, called up my managing editor M-Oka-san (who is a complete sadist, by the way).

“I’m here at Fujimi Books! Ahh, I’m really looking forward today!”

“You’ve come too early. Please go kill some time in the nearby park.”

“…… Okay.”

Hm? What was with this difference in excitement level… ah, I see, the editors must have a lot of work to do unlike me. So of course if I come too early it’d be a bother for them. And the radio show is first and foremost work.

Okay, I’ll try not to be too hyper today. The seiyuu are coming too. I’ll try to be a much more moody, gentlemanly adult today.

Later, I went to the recording studio.

I stood there nice and tidy, quietly waiting, when people began to come one after another.

There was the radio personality Nishiyama-san. THe producer Hachiya-san. And then the screenplay director Uezu-san.

And then… two of the seiyuu from the main cast.

Hyaahoooo~~!! So cuuuuuttee!!

Hm? Why was everyone carrying papers. Hmmm?

I was the only one without a script. I trembled in fear the minute I realized that.

This was a test. They were testing this Kansai blood (1) that ran through my veins…

The most important thing for making people laugh was self-confidence. You needed to go about things with full confidence that the things you said and did were going to be funny and interesting for people.

Alright, I’ll talk them straight to the grave! I’ll talk ’em inta the ground! Not as an author, but as a Kansai native! That’s how I would do this recording.

Ahh, but…

I really went way overboard.

There was the feeling of accomplishment that came from finishing the recording, but the embarrassment at having said so many random, stupid things made me toss and turn in my futon every night.

If you heard the broadcast and it made you unhappy, I apologize.

Anyways, onto the thanks.

For everyone who read the sixth volume, thank you very much for staying with me up until this point.

For all the nice boys and girls who sent me fan mail, I’m really looking forward to reading them! Thanks!

For the people working on the anime, sorry for giving you such a strange story for you to adapt. I have great respect for what you do.

To Kobuichi-san and Muririn-san. The color illustrations for this volume got me insanely excited. Thank you so much for all this wonderful artwork. I’ll probably be giving you really strange instructions for the next volume as well, so please bear with me and I look forward to working with you again.

To my editor, M-Oka-san (huge sadist). I probably didn’t need to shorten your name like that. Sorry about that.

To everyone else, everything about this work and this author (except for the illustrations of course) might be worthless, but I hope you will continue supporting it with the warm gaze of a parent looking upon his/her child.

Well then, let’s meet again in Volume Seven!

– September 2010, Kimura Shinichi

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(1) Think Osaka, Kyoto, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. Thanks.

    “But in the end, this sixty volume was quite terrifying, was it not?” <- "this sixth volume”? or these sixty volumes?

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