Chapter 4-4

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Chapter 4: Part 4

In order to figure out how we were going to meet Haruna’s challenge and steal that potato and meat stew recipe back from her, we held a strategy meeting.

Yuu and Sera were wearing the same outfit in the living room, looking quite serious. Meanwhile, I…

“Why the hell do I have to wear this embarrassing things?!”

I couldn’t look serious at all in this. For some odd reason, all three of us were wearing leotards while sitting under our kotatsu.

“Stop being annoying and raising a fuss. Although, certainly… I suppose a girl wearing this outfit might feel a bit embarrassed…”

Sera was wearing a blue leotard with an open neckline. That beautiful exposed area from her neck down to her chest was a force to be reckoned with. This was a leotard that really accentuated her breasts.

“Gender doesn’t matter at all! Actually, for guys this goes way past ‘a bit embarassed’! It’s super embarrassing!”

Yuu was still wearing her gauntlets above a dark-purple leotard, and she didn’t look the least bit embarrassed. Actually, I think Sera had mentioned something about Yuu being the one who had picked out these outfits.

These are necessary. = “Oniichan! This is the proper way to dress here, so stop being embarrassed!”

Proper way to dress… what kind of situation called for a leotard with a ribbon wrapped around the middle? But I kept that retort in my head.

Yuu looked so cute in her leotard that there was no way I would say anything against it.

“That is what Hellscythe-dono has said, at least. To be honest, this was not my original intention either.”

“There are plenty of warmer outfits we could wear if we’re going to go do a robbery…”

There are three of us, so this is the outfit. = “I wanna go as the Mysterious Girls, oniichan~!”

“Anyways, let’s think of a strategy.”

Sera spread out a bunch of papers on the table and began pointing to them with her index finger while she started her explanation.

“First off, we have two possible entry points. Here and here.”

Tomonori’s room was on the inside of the first floor. So we could go for it either straight on or through the veranda.

“We probably should go in through the veranda.”

“That would certainly be the standard play, but the veranda is too wide and visible. If somebody is in this room, they would be able to easily see us.”

“Does it really matter if anybody sees us?”

Yuu nodded her head.

That goes against the aesthetics of thievery. = “We get to finally play thief! I wanna do it right, oniichan!”

Yuu left that memo on the table and took a sip of her hot tea.

“It seems like that is what Hellscythe-dono thinks…”

“Fine fine. I got it. I guess it would be annoying if Haruna found us and started making fun of us, and I do want to see her face when she realizes the recipe is gone. But, you know, there’s also a certain thrill in getting discovered.”

“Fufu, quite true. Well then, based on this discussion, exactly which entry point shall we use?”

Yuu’s gauntleted hand began to move. It ended up pointing at… the front entrance.

“As expected from Hellscythe-dono, picking the more difficult option. They say that the more difficult the task, the more worthwhile it will seem.”

“Okay then… so how exactly are we going to unlock the door?”

“Before that, we need to discuss how to deal with the infrared sensors.”

Infrared sensors…? You mean those things that will send off an alarm once you touch them?!

“Exactly what happens if you touch one of these infrared sensors?”

Like Yuu, I started drinking my own cup of hot tea.

“You will die.”

Pffchh! I spat out my tea at Sera’s sharp words.

“Liar! This is Japan! … Why the hell would you install something like that?”

“Are you trying to apply common folk logic to us? Those are installed to repel demons. Only vampire ninjas live in that house after all.”

I see. Vampire ninjas had the duty of exterminating demons and monsters to protect normal people. So it’s natural that they might get attacked themselves, and in that case the first place they’d want to heavily fortify would be the place they slept.

“Ugh. So, what kind of system is in place…?”

“If you do not enter the password at the entrance to the house, you will end up tripping the security system.”

“Okay. Let’s ask Tomonori for the password then.”

Once again, poor aesthetics. = “Oniichan! You can’t do that!”

Nod. Sera and Yuu both gave me a nod. Geez, these two…

“By the way… can I just ask one thing?”

“What is it?”

“Didn’t we change into our leotards just a bit too early?”

“That might be.”

Against aesthetics.

That was way too philosophical for me! I mean, seriously, could you imagine the three cat-eyed sisters (1) in leotards during a strategy meeting?!

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(1) A referene to Cat’s Eye, a manga series. Thanks to jorgelotr for the clarification.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 4-4

  1. Thanks for the part.
    (1) Apparently is a group of three models. <- Nope, it's a Cat's Eye reference, like the leotards.
    They are three sisters that manage a café during the day and steal paintings during the night. Add that said café is right next to police HQ, the officer in charge of their crimes' investigation is the middle sister's boyfriend and that the paintings they steal are works of their missing father that have been misappropriated (authory stolen) by some kind of criminal organization and there you have one of the most popular phantom thief series in Japan (along with Lupin the 3rd).

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