Chapter 2-6

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Chapter 2: Part 6

Yuu and I watched as Sera and Haruna had fun with one of the shooting games.

“Look Haruna, there’s a zombie coming from your right.”

“Die! Die zombie!”

“Look, that filthy-looking zombie is still there.”

“Go to hell! Go to hell zombie!”

I wonder why… I wonder why my ears hurt.

Why was everyone just so merciless when it came to zombies?

Haruna and Sera shot down every zombie without a single miss, almost as if they had already known where and when each enemy was going to appear.

Stop iiiiit. Just stooooooooop…

What did those zombies ever do to you?! All they’re doing is appearing in front of you!

They could just be coming out to go to the bathroom… ah! Head shot!

I’m sure that amongst all those zombies, there were a few that just wanted to hide away and live out the rest of their days peacefully.

Then you… just because they were zombies… just because these creatures were zombies…

Their gun barrels didn’t cease as they continued to gun the zombies down. After a bit, an audience began to form around these pretty girls.

I wouldn’t be able to play such a cruel game. Do your best, zombies! Don’t lose, zombies!

Is Ayumu having fun?

“Ahh, lots of fun…”

Everyone’s gazes were pinned to the two playing the game, but only Yuu was looking at me.


“Ahh, just seeing Yuu and the others having fun is enough to make me happy.”

Yuu grabbed my hand and gave me a nod.

I feel the same way.

In the end, they finished the game without a single miss, but without waiting a single moment…

“Next is that one!”

Haruna pulled Sera’s hand and they moved to the next game.

Watching Sera playing a racing game just made Eurobeat music play through my head, while watching her ponytail sway back and forth when she played a dancing game was also a pretty impressive sight.

Crap. This was really fun. I was getting really excited.

It seemed that Haruna intended to go through and beat every game today.

“Let’s take a short break. I’m getting thirsty.”

I guess even Sera thought that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with Haruna’s level of energy. At Sera’s suggestion, Haruna’s ahoge waved back and forth unhappily.

“Alright, then the gloomy necromancer is next!”

Haruna pulled Yuu along with her with a full smile, not seeming to pay any heed to what Yuu wanted.

She really seemed to like the arcade.

They began a game of air hockey, but they seemed to be evenly matched, and neither girl seemed to be able to score a single point.

So, I switched places with Yuu, and resolved to give Haruna a beating she wouldn’t forget this time.

I was pretty confident in my air hockey skills.

Clang clang! The sounds of the puck flying back and forth filled the air.

You’re giving me pretty easy shots, Haruna. I’ll make you regret that! This is my Magnum Tornado!



Haruna took a victory pose and let out a weird sound.

… Whaaa?

Clang clang clang.

There it is! Here’s my final counter, Hekatonkheires’s Gatekeeper!” (1)



Haruna took a victory pose and let out a weird sound.

God dammit! I can’t win at all. Every single one of my secret techniques had been beaten.

“I feel sad for you. About your head, I mean.” Sera left me with those rather questionable words of consolation.

Someday, I want to come again.

Yuu seemed to have had quite a bit of fun here.

But most of all, I was happy that Haruna seemed to have returned to her old, happy self.

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(1) Reference to three giants in Greek mythology.

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