Chapter 2-2b

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Chapter 2: Part 2b

“First chant confirmed. Technique activated myan~.”

Wait… what did he say right now?

“What did you just say?!”

I knew I shouldn’t expect any kind of response from him, but I still had to ask.

I had heard those words before. They were words I had never wanted to hear again.

Before I could help myself, I ended up launching another punch at Fuurinka-nyan.


Once again like a bear fishing for salmon, his big right paw came swinging down at me, but suddenly a water-like arrow pierced that paw.

That was probably Saras’s doing. She had aimed at Fuurinka-nyan’s paw to stop him from attacking me.

But… Fuurinka-nyan didn’t seem to pay any mind to the arrow at all and continued to swing his paw down at me.

I took his attack with 350% strength.

The floor under me began to crack as I tried to stand my ground.


Fuurinka-nyan cocked his head to the side. Was he surprised that he hadn’t sent me flying?

“I invade like a cat myan!”

Fuurinka-nyan’s eyes glowed.


That light was so bright….. I felt my body getting more and more sluggish…..

Was that light coming out of his eyes the same as sunlight?

It would be an understatement to say that I was weak to sunlight. I was probably as strong as a three-year-old infant right now. And if I got swatted away while I was like this…

Ah, look, I’m flying again. I had the feeling that if I struck the wall like this I’d just end up crashing all the way through it. Fuurinka-nyan seemed to only attack using this pattern… but I admit it was effective albeit simple.

I braced myself for the impact with the hard wall… but instead I was wrapped up in a soft feeling.

The soft body of a girl had stopped me.


“Are you alright, my useless darling?”

“You caught me? Thanks…”

Saras gently stood me back up.

“I do not need your gratitude, my darling. In fact, I am quite happy I could find a way to legally reverse sexually harass you.”

“So you were aware of it then?”

We exchanged a grin. And then, we turned together to once again look at Fuurinka-nyan.

We could see guys and gals donning black mantles being sent flying one after the other.

It was like I was watching a sport where the goal was to hit balls at the wall.

It was the same attack every time. The same movements every time. But nobody could stop Fuurinka-nyan.

The vampire ninjas would launch an attack, just to be repelled back. I could also see the form of the Demon Baron in the midst of this battle.

Even when he was attacked he didn’t spit up any blood. Huh. But he had spit up so much just because he had thought about boobs…

“Even so… that creature defies all logic.”

Saras grit her teeth and mumbled.

But let’s think about this all from a different angle.

That thing… we wouldn’t be able to beat him. So, that meant, we should be aiming for…

“Saras, I apologize, but could you attack him for me one last time?”

Perhaps it was because of that sunlight, but I wasn’t really regenerating very quickly here.

“Darling. I just do not see the point…”


“On one condition.”

“If we don’t beat him then everyone is dead. So I’ll do whatever you want. As long as it’s within my abilities.”

I said that without thinking about it too much.

“…… Can I go over to darling’s house?”

“Huh?” Her request came as a complete surprise, so I couldn’t really say much else.

“I am asking you if I can go over to your house to have fun sometimes.”

What the hell was she saying…? I probably looked pretty confused right now, but Saras’s eyes were dead serious.

“It’s not like I mind…… that’s all you want?”

“Yes. For me… that is worth risking my life over.”

Saras suddenly gave me a smile, and I couldn’t help but be entranced by her.

It seemed that I was also weak when shown a beautiful face.

For just a moment… I felt like I had fallen in love.

But it was only a moment, okay…?

“Sure then, you can do what you want. That’s assuming you come back alive, okay? … Ugh, how can you be so lighthearted right now?”

“Oh hoh? But you have a plan, don’t you? My darling~~.”

Saras blew me a kiss and crouched down before launching herself into the fray with a water sword in each hand.

I followed right behind her, and once I saw Saras cut at Fuurinka-nyan… I went right after Lilia.

600%. I held my fist aloft, ready to attack this glowing little girl with all my strength.

“Lilia! Stop right now! Or I’ll punch you!”

Lilia continued her chant, looking like she might break out into tears at any moment.

Wait, but if you really didn’t want to do this, then seriously just stop…

If you give me that teary look like that… do you really think I can still punch you?!

I reached out, aiming to clamp my hand over her mouth.

But, the minute I touched that orange light, my arm burst into flames.

…… So there was a barrier around her.

“I strike fast…”

I heard a voice behind me and felt a chill run all down my back.

I was swatted away from the side and sent flying all too easily again.

That damn Fuurinka-nyan… we had to do something about that guy.

It looked like not a single vampire ninja was left standing anymore. Even Saras seemed to have lost consciousness.

At least Haruna seemed to have led all the normal folk away, so there was nobody else around.

“Second chant confirmed. Black Hole Degeneracy has begun myan~.”

Black hole? That did sound like it could blow the entire American continent away. I had to really do something to stop this… but what exactly?

Fuurinka-nyan was sitting on the floor. He didn’t seem to consider me a threat at all. I admit it was a rather lion-like thing to do.

It didn’t seem like Sera or Tomonori had realized what was going on either. Well, I don’t think they could’ve helped here even if they came over though.

I then saw the Demon Baron next to me, coughing and spitting up blood.

Just like me, he had been reduced to the state of a torn-up dishrag. I called out to him.

“You look like you’re doing well. You alive?”

“You too… so, what should we do here? The second chant has been confirmed. That leaves us with around eight minutes.”

I had been wondering what the “chants” that Fuurinka-nyan mentioned were about, but it seemed like he was reacting to Lilia’s words.

“Can we do something about that orange light there?”

“The Queen is being protected by Fuurinka-nyan. So as long as we do not defeat Fuurinka-nyan, we won’t be able to make any attack connect with her. But Fuurinka-nyan also constantly has a defensive barrier around him.”

Ugh, this was irritating.

“He’s really quite strong, but… would Chris or Dai-sensei be able to do something if they were here? In terms of being hopelessly strong, I would think Chris has the upper hand here…”

“Ahh, Fuurinka-nyan has a program that allows it to suppress the movements of people from Virie. If Ariel or Chris were here, they would be reduced to nothing more than coffee tables in front of him.”

So they would get pinned to the floor and wouldn’t be able to move.

I see. So he was used to dealing with the best and the brightest in Virie.

“In other words, only someone who isn’t a masou shoujo would be able to beat him?”

“Exactly. But that someone has to be at least as strong as a masou shoujo.”

“We have to do something before she transforms…”

“Unfortunately, the Queen has already transformed. Or maybe, it would be more precise to say that for masou shoujo, transforming is the same as ‘becoming like the Queen.’ And Lilia is historically the first masou shoujo. You remember that you chant a spell when you want to transform, right? That chant implicitly includes the idea that the chanter wants to become like the Queen.”

If all you had to do was want to be something to be able to transform, then anyone and everyone would be able to be like Superman.

“… But I’m a masou shoujo but I was able to punch that thing.”

“Fuurinka-nyan probably can only suppress pure masou shoujo. Aikawa-kun doesn’t have a drop of masou shoujo blood in him, so he can probably still make his attacks connect.”

Probably… huh? Ugh.

“Leave the rest to the genius bishoujo demon baron masou shoujo Haruna-chan!”

A little girl with an ahoge appeared with a chainsaw in one hand. It was almost as if she had been waiting in the shadows for the right moment to show herself.

Well, I don’t think Haruna would really be able to help here, but… hm. She was an expert at barriers. Maybe she could help dispel that barrier around Fuurinka-nyan…

“Aikawa-kun… stop her.”


“Don’t let that girl fight with the Queen!”

“I mean, even if she challenged the Queen she would just end up getting killed.”

“Just hurry up and stop her! Make haste! Right no-…” Cough cough!

Uwah! My eyes opened wide as the Demon Baron coughed up a huge amount of blood as his yells pierced my ears.

What the hell was wrong? Why was he getting so worked up?

I stood up and spoke up to Haruna as she began to face off with Fuurinka-nyan.

“Haruna, let me have the chainsaw. I’ll do it.”

“Hueh? It’s rare for Ayumu to want to transform.”

“Well, we don’t have much time.”

Haruna passed me the chainsaw, and I began to chant the words I had unfortunately become quite used to.

“Nomobuyo, woshi, hashitawa, dokeda, gunmiicha, de, ribura!”

I was draped in a pink outfit that was actually quite fitting for Comiket, but instead of thinking too much about my embarrassment I launched myself at Fuurinka-nyan.

“I strike fast like a cat… myan.”

After speaking with that stupid voice of his, Fuurinka-nyan swept his paw at me. I tried to guard myself with my chainsaw, but my body still easily bounced away.

I wasn’t a match even after I had transformed.

My my, the world was a big place.

It’s a bit weird for me to be saying this, but when I wore this gross outfit I was really strong.

But there were still plenty of people who were stronger than me even when I was in this form.

Although, this time it wasn’t a “person” we were talking about, but a “lion.”

Now that I thought about it, even when I was fighting Chris I was no match for her despite being transformed.

If only Chris were here… ah, but that wouldn’t do much in this situation either.


Fuurinka-nyan didn’t show any emotion at all. He was just a slaughter machine, sweeping away everyone who tried to approach the Queen with all the feeling of an innocent child squashing a bug.

After I had transformed, my defensive powers went way up, so I found myself able to stand up again very quickly.

But how many times did I have to attack him before something got through?

As many times as it would take, I guess. There wasn’t much time, and I also couldn’t give up here.

Come on, think… I had to think here. There had to be a way out of this.

Fuurinka-nyan opened his maw wide, as if he was yawning.

A beam of light shot from his mouth.

So he had attacks other than that paw sweep of his?! Was it because I had transformed?

Light was bad for me. But before I could dwell on that thought too much, I saw the bit of my left arm above the elbow disappear, along with a chunk of my left abdomen.

Ah… lasers sure were hard to avoid…

What should I do? Could I actually even recover from this?


Here it comes again… this time it would be a direct hit, wouldn’t it? My head itself was about to disappear, wasn’t it?

That’s what I thought, but suddenly a shadow appeared in front of me.

It was a girl standing in front of me.

A girl wearing a turtleneck.


She was sleeping! This situation was completely out of control, and here she was counting sheep!

She had her hands held out in front of her and swayed from side to side. She looked like she was about to topple over at any minute. But, either way… Nene-san had come to help.

Fuurinka-nyan sent out another laser beam, but Nene-san just stood idly in front of me with her hands thrust out before her, not moving an inch.

The laser beam made contact with her hands. But her face didn’t show the slightest bit of reaction, and I heard not a single sound as she stopped the attack.

Nene-san had the ability to cancel out any and all kinds of magical attacks.

If she touched a masou shoujo, she could instantly dispel their transformation as well. So of course she wouldn’t bat an eye at a little laser attack like this.

“Agh! I wasn’t sleeping, I swear. Not at all.”

Nene-san turned to look at me and gave me a smile.

“Oh my, if it isn’t Nene-san. You came at a good time. Knight in shining armor, seriously.”

“Aha~. Sounds like something I might’ve said before. But really, you aren’t looking too good right now, are you?”

I felt the air slowly reattaching my left arm to my body.

My arm might’ve gotten burned off by lasers, but as long as that arm still existed in the air I probably would be able to regenerate. I didn’t really understand the specifics behind it, but… well, either way, it seemed I would be okay.

Meanwhile, Nene-san stroked me on the head like a parent trying to comfort a child.

I saw a pair of bountiful breasts right in front of my eyes, breasts that were way too big to even be properly hidden by that turtleneck.

“Behind you!”

But despite my warning, Nene-san just continued to smile and didn’t budge.

“I invade like a cat… myan.”

Fuurinka-nyan’s devilish paws came down at us.

I closed my eyes, not watching to watch those rough but cute paws send Nene-san’s body flying.

But, even though I waited for it, the sound of a body colliding with a wall never came.

I timidly opened my eyes again, and saw Nene-san had grabbed onto Fuurinka-nyan’s paw.

She had stopped it? Stopped Fuurinka-nyan’s attack?

Nene-san’s body became transparent. I saw a bouncy afterimate of her huge breasts.

And then, she unleashed a spinning kick right into the cute face of Fuurinka-nyan.

The impact of her kick was enough to easily tear Fuurinka-nyan into two from his midsection.

His cotton stuffing burst into the air.

S-So strong…

This was the strongest being of the Underworld. They said that the masou shoujo couldn’t beat her no matter how many of them there were, and she had been bestowed with the title of “S-class.”

It seemed that even Fuurinka-nyan wasn’t a match for her.

Nene-san approached the glowing Lilia.

“If you let that attack loose… I won’t forgive you, okay?”

This was Nene-san we were talking about, a girl who was incredibly tolerant and would forgive anything. So her words sent not only a chill down Lilia’s spine, but down mine as well.

“S-Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!”

Lilia stopped chanting, bowed her head over and over again, and then vanished.

It all had happened in the span of seconds.

What an anticlimax… I just stood there and stared at the scene in amazement.

“How did you… that easily…”

“As expected. When she realized she couldn’t win, she didn’t waste any time before running away. She’s timid and humble… that is how she managed to be the Queen of Virie for so long. She doesn’t act unless she’s absolutely sure about the outcome. That is her strongest trait.”

“But if she just wanted to be sure to kill you, she didn’t have to start chanting that right in front of us…”

“But she knows about my powers. And knows that if she does this in front of us, I probably would lose the will to run away… more importantly, she probably wanted to just make sure she killed me with her own eyes.”

I see. Certainly, if she wanted to kill the Demon Baron, she didn’t have to go so far as to blow up the Americas. So she ended up doing that and doing that right in front of us because she wanted to be certain that she killed him.

“Well, anyways… thanks for your help, Nene-san.”

“Zzzzz…” Yup, she was asleep.

“Nene-san, Nene-san!”

Naegleria used too much of her energy. She probably will not wake for ten days.

It was Yuu. Was she still here? She didn’t run away? It’s a relief that she’s safe then.

“It didn’t really looked like she was using up that much energy though…”

“That is how dense the magical energy was in Fuurinka-nyan’s attacks and defensive barriers. Ugh, I’m getting too old for this… my entire body is aching…”

The Demon Baron spat out blood and slowly stood up.

“But if we can do this much, then shouldn’t the coup d’état succeed pretty easily too? I mean, we were on the verge of beating her right there, right?”

I offered the Demon Baron my hand and pulled him the rest of the way to his feet.

“Ahh, I never knew that Naegleria’s powers had gotten so strong… honestly, I wish I hadn’t learned about that today.”

“Why? Doesn’t it give you hope? As long as Nene-san is there, you can pull off a successful coup, right?”

I next walked towards Saras. I hoped she hadn’t kicked the bucket on me.

“The Queen will probably improve her masou weapon and come at us again. We know how strong Naegleria is now, but that applies to the Queen as well. Knowledge forms the basis of everything. When we discovered the existence of the masou shoujo, we invented the Megalo and even the vampire ninjas.”

“Now that you mention it… that thing’s eyes had been shooting out sunlight. Maybe… just maybe… could that’ve been a way to deal with the King of the Night?”

That person had once travelled to Virie to assassinate the Queen, but he became frightened and came back.

So he had challenged her once. I put a hand close above Saras’s mouth. It seemed like she was still breathing. Thank goodness.

“So, you’re saying all today will do is force her to come up with a way to deal with Nene-san?”

I looked at Nene-san as she lay on the floor and slept soundly.

The Demon Baron also paid her a glance.

Nene-san had been able to score an overwhelming victory over Fuurinka-nyan, but she ended up falling right asleep. The Demon Baron was probably thinking about how she could fit in to a successful plan to stage a coup.

“But this is quite wonderful. I never thought that she would be…” Cough cough hack!

The Demon Baron coughed up a huge amount of blood.

“I’ll definitely… cough cough! have her… hack hack!… fight with… cough hack hack cough!

He probably was thinking about her breasts and getting too excited.

Shouldn’t he pay more attention to his doctor’s orders…?

Geez. Maybe I should go donate some blood in front of the station.

Not just for him, but also for the vampire ninjas… maybe.

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