Chapter 4-2

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Chapter 4: Part 2

As I was accustomed to doing, I woke up early in the morning and went to school. I probably couldn’t sleep because I had been knocked out, or maybe because my head was still dizzy. Although, the cause of it all had still been Sera’s cooking.

The first person to come in was a boy… or so I thought, but right there was…

“Aikawa… do you always come this early?”


It was a boyish vampire ninja. Wasn’t her class next door?

“Don’t call me Tomonori!”

“Then you stop saying that you’re my wife. Can you do that?”

“My being your wife is already set in stone, so there’s nothing I can do about that.”

Tomonori stood there imposingly with her arms on her hips, looking resolute.

“So can I call you Yuki then?”

“Not adding an honorific even… well, fine, I guess that’s alright.”

“Okay then, Yuki. What are you doing here at a time like this? You’re way too early even for morning practice.”

“I thought I would try to keep the same schedule as you…”

“You went and investigated my schedule?”

“… I can’t really see Aikawa except for here, so I thought… this was the only thing I could do so we could spend more time together…”

“You really don’t have to go to that much trouble just to meet with me…”

“I’m definitely going to be a good wife! I’ve already decided that!”

Tomonori was acting almost as selfish as the masou shoujo, and she sat in the desk in front of me. She let out a single sigh, and made her face brighten up again. She was sure quick at switching moods like that.

“So, how was the test? I did really bad on mine. They’ll definitely make me take extra lessons. Even though I still have to go to practice.”

“I got a perfect.”

“Seriously?! Aikawa, you’re a good student?!”

Tomonori’s eyes sparkled and mumbled her admiration. I felt pretty self-conscious and averted my gaze.

“Nah, I studied a hell of a lot.”

“I tried to study too. But I just ended up scribbling on my notebook and then all my time went out the window.”

We shared a laugh. I usually ended up scribbling my time away too.

“Hey, Yuki. Sera’s supposed to be your enemy, right? So why did you come and save us?”

“The conservative and reform factions… all they’re fighting over is who they think the successor to our race should be. In the past, we even killed each other over this… but to me… that doesn’t change the fact that we are still comrades.”

“That’s pretty like you to think like that. Ah, right, is that machine still not working?”

“No, it’s not! Everything’s going so slowly, seriously. You know, I made a suggestion. I said that we should just use a hose instead to spread the stuff.”

“That also sounds like it would cause quite a bit of trouble… so what happened to all that talk about the person trying to break the machine?”

“You mean the assassin? We’re trying to look for him too, but there’s just too little information. If we just had a name, we could find him pretty easily too.”

“Oh? That’s pretty impressive.”

“Right?!” Tomonori gave me a huge smile that almost made me think of flowers in full bloom.

“By the way, did you know there’s a new convenience store that opened up in front of the station?”

“Of course. Don’t underestimate me!”

“You sure are a convenience store maniac, aren’t you?”

So she even knows that about me too? Wondering whether she would judge me for liking convenience stores so much, I responded with my guard up. “Is there a problem with that?”

“Nah, the truth is I’m one too.”

Tomonori-san, you’re amazing! We firmly shook each other’s hands. I really wish we could just be friends rather than husband and wife.

Well, it wouldn’t be too bad if we just called ourselves husband and wife. That wasn’t the important thing. “Husband and wife” was just a title; we could still just go on as friends. Tomonori seemed to be acting like she wanted it that way as well.

Being “husband and wife” would be pretty annoying, so if she didn’t say that she wanted to come and freeload off me like a certain masou shoujo, then I wouldn’t mind just continuing on like this.

I mean, if I was just talking with Orito here, I would just ignore him and just sleep like a log.

However, having a fun chat like this with Tomonori didn’t annoy me at all.

It might have had a lot to do with the fact that there wasn’t a single person in the room except for us. At least, that’s what I thought, but that wasn’t it. Even when the usual guy and the student council president girl came in, we still continued to talk.

By the time Orito had gotten to school, the students around me had already started chatting.

“Well then, I guess I’ll head back. I’ll come back again when it’s lunch break. See ya.”

She waved one hand and left the room. As soon as she left the room, Orito appeared in front of me, and collapsed onto my desk.

“A-Aikawa! You bastard! You really are going out with Tomonori, aren’t you?! Hey!!”

Good night, Orito-sama.

“Heeey!! Aikawa! Aikawaaaaaaa!!”

And I slept until lunch break.

With only one thought running through my head: I wonder what Tomonori and I would talk about next?

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