Chapter 4-3

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Chapter 4: Part 3

She wanted as many people as possible to hear her voice. In order to grant Yuu’s wish, I went around looking for a certain someone.

Most of the cafés had already closed, seeming to suggest that the school festival was soon going to be over.

Where was she? Where was that girl? I went completely around the school building once, but I couldn’t see that crowd of people.

She should’ve been walking around with a huge group of people. I thought that would make her easy to find, but I couldn’t see her anywhere. If I didn’t hurry, the school festival would soon be over.

Where the hell was she?! Where was Lovely Kirara-tan?!

On my way to the old school building, I came upon a certain person. It was a single girl holding up a sketchbook with both hands. And on that sketchbook was written…

Las Vegas.

“Why the hell are you hitchhiking?!”

I really couldn’t ignore this opportunity to butt in.

It was a short, little girl, wearing plate armor and gauntlets.

A masou shoujo with chestnut hair and big cat-like eyes. Huh? What happened to that magical energy suction thing she was wearing around her neck? Maybe she realized that was the cause of her problems and tossed it away.

Ayumu. What are you doing?

“I’m glad I found you. I need you for something.”


“Write a song for Yuu too.”

Already did.


That leaf woman wrote the lyrics. I did the composition. It’s recorded on the CD.

There were lyrics to that instrumental on the CD?

“Well, alright then. Yuu. Let’s use that song for a concert. I’ll make sure things are ready, so you go and practice.”

“Okay. I will practice.”

One CD is 10000 yen. Thank ya!

“Stop trying to get money out of your friends!”

Yuu and Haruna both went into the old school building to practice. I took out my cell phone and dialed out to that guy.

“Yo. It’s pretty rare to get a call from you.”

I had called Orito. He sounded pretty tired… maybe he had worked too hard grilling that yakisoba.

“What’s up with the monster café?”

“We just closed shop. What’s up?”

“Sorry, but I’m trying to find Hoshikawa Kirara…”

“Huh? She just went off with Sera-san… ah, she’s back. Want me to put her on?”


Without even putting me on hold, in five seconds time…

“It’s me…”

I heard an intimidating voice on the other end, and I panicked a bit. But I mustered up my courage and explained the situation.

“Won’t you help us put on a concert?”

Yes. If she put on a concert, then a lot of people were certain to come. She probably had the highest ability to gather an audience out of anybody in this school.

“Don’t feel like it. I’m hanging up-“

“I see. I’ll just have to ask Sera then.”

“Y-You… have you forgotten? If Seraphim’s popularity goes up…”

“Then that’ll be the same as picking a fight with you and your leader’s daughter? Yeah, I remember. But if you’re dead set on refusing me-“

“Are you trying to coerce me?”

“Nah. I just want to hear you put on a concert, plain and simple.”

“Don’t patronize me. Do you really think I’d believe a lie like that? Tell me the truth, and then I’ll make a decision.”

I told Saras what was happening. About how Yuu could finally speak, about how she wanted to sing. About how she wanted her song to be heard by a lot of people.

And then, about how I wanted to make sure everything was prepared for her.

After I had told her everything…

“I understand. I will definitely help.”

She quickly gave me the OK.


“I have heard of the misfortunes of Eucliwood Hellscythe. If there’s anything I can do-“

“You really are a tsundere, aren’t you?

“T-This isn’t a joke! Everything is so we can resurrect our old leader!”

“But… thanks.”

“… You’re welcome.”

After that, all that was left was to wait for everything to come together.

I felt myself slowly growing more and more excited.

Yuu and Haruna had to restrain feelings like this? When I thought about that, I finally realized how dreadful a task it was to control your emotions.

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