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Everyone, it’s been a while. This is Kimura.

How was Volume 7? How was the new character, Nene-san?

Breaking out a new character always makes me nervous.

I really don’t think I’m used to creating new characters.

When I’m creating female characters, I always try to base them on girls I’ve met in the past. I take all those girls’ cute parts and tie them together.

Just a bit ago, I went drinking in the city with the regal girl I based Sera off of, along with a girl with huge breasts and a handsome guy.

“So, you know, Sera’s actually based off her.”

I’ve told the person in question that I was going to base a character off her, but I never told anybody else.

But then, the girl with the huge breasts told me the following:

“Eh? Really? But Sera’s nothing like her.”

………. What…… did you say?

Don’t tell me……… no, there’s no way. But….. eh? Maybe…?

As these words ran around and around in my head, reality slapped me in the face.

“I’m only cold when I talk with Kimura.”

I knew it! I knew it! She would never respond to my mails and when she finally did it was something like “Go die,” she would always click her tongue at me, and look at me with disdain… that was all behavior reserved only for me?!

I should’ve realized sooner that in the five years I’ve known her, we’ve never shared any physical contact at all!

Man, I was depressed. Soooo depressed…

Anyways, that’s why the new character, Nene-san, was made to be a character with strong motherly instincts who was forgiving of anything.

I quickly tried to dig through my memory for a girl I could use as a model.

……………. waah… now I just can’t stop the tears.

There were absolutely zero people I knew who fit that bill.

I mean, I guess the fact that I knew zero people like that was precisely the reason I could write a character like Nene-san.

She was a girl with a big heart who would forgive anything and everything.

Was there really a girl like that anywhere?

But, if you wanted a girl like that, your wishes could be granted in the world of light novels.

Now that I thought about it though, all the girls I’ve met in my past were huge sadists.

I mean, words like the ones that Sera spits out have honestly been spat at me in the past.

Of those words, perhaps the ones that most vividly remained in my memory were…

“I don’t want to be seen with you, so can you walk behind me and to the side?”

She said that without even looking at me.

Whaaaaaa?! You were the one who called me out too!! And she had so little faith in me that I couldn’t even stand right behind her? Ugh, I was shocked.

But, if experiences like that became every day, then one could get used to them.

And, having gone through such terrible experiences was precisely why I could say one thing with definitiveness:

There isn’t any girl that you can’t make deredere!

Don’t give up, know your enemy, and aim right for their week point. If you do that, then the day when they become deredere will surely come!

Don’t fear sadistic girls! No matter what awful things they do to you, do not cower!

Anyways, in the eighth volume, I plan to introduce another new character.

You could call Chris’s story a preface to the story to come. You might call the story to come the “main story.”

I’m also getting pretty full with all these tsundere characters, so I think I’ll go through some trial and error to figure out what kind of character I’d like to make next.

Oh? Oh oh? Could it be? Seven volumes already? So maybe? Maybe I’ve… gotten pretty used to the light novel stuff? Oh? Something like that? Making a character? Mmmm, should be a piece of cake? Right? A piece of cake for me?

I said something like that to my sadistic, famous editor M-Oka, but he responded like he was Toguro from Yugioh…

“Don’t tell me you still think we can’t just cancel this entire series cold?”

Brrrrr… I’ve never felt my teeth shiver and clatter like this before.

Scary…. sadists are super scary…

I’d now like to give out my thanks.

First, to all the people who have followed this strange series for seven volumes, to all the people involved with the anime, to all the people involved with the manga, to all the people involved with the related goods.

I’m honestly grateful and would like to thank you all individually, but that would use up all the space I was allotted for this afterword, so I have to unfortunately omit that part. But I do thank you all from the depths of my heart.

Thank you very much. Please keep supporting me after this as well.

To Kobuichi-san and Muririn-san. Thank you very much for the wonderful character art this time as well. I remember asking you suddenly to draw Haruna and Yuu after the recording session, and I was shocked at how quickly and how well you drew them. Seriously, to think you two were so talented…

I’m also going to try my very best to get to that level, so please don’t abandon me.

To M-Oka-san, my manager. We even argued over Nene-san’s breasts at one point, didn’t we?

Well, good results come only through diligence. Sadists are terrifying, but… I hope we’ll continue to have many arguments in the future and produce the best work we can.

In any case, let’s meet again in the next volume! I’m going to try my best to make a good character! I’m terrified of sadists though!

– December 2010, Kimura Shinichi

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2 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. “There isn’t any girl you can’t make deredere!”
    ~ Kimura Shinichi, 2010
    This is my new life’s motto.
    Thank you so much for the updates! Good luck with all your real life stuff!

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