Chapter 3-3

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Chapter 3: Part 3

When I came to, I saw that everyone was in the entranceway to my house.

“Huh? I…”

Haruna looked around, clearly puzzled. Sera seemed to be thinking about something. And then, Yuu looked the same as she always did.

Something happened back there, didn’t it? But nobody remembered anything.

“Yuu, did you do this?”

Everyone who was there in that place should now have returned to their original place.

I see. When you hear Yuu’s voice, whatever you hear becomes true.

So what about Tomonori? Was she able to escape? Would Yuu’s voice reach her if she had been unconscious?

“Why are we all here?”

“It seems that Hellscythe-dono somehow saved us all.”

“Hueh? How?”

“Everyone ran away. We did, and our enemies did too.”

I see. So when our enemies heard Yuu’s voice, they also ran away. We were not the only people there. Kyouko and the Megalo, just like us, had gone back from where they came without any memory of what had happened.

That’s terrifying. This once again reminded me why Yuu couldn’t usually speak.

“You saved us, Yuu. We really couldn’t do anything back there.”

“Ayumu, for now, let’s go inside.”

“Yeah! I’m sorta hungry, you know?”

Haruna nodded vigorously. “Ahh, right!” she seemed to remember something and began to fish through my bag… what the hell is she trying to do?

“I got a whole, whoooooole lot of candy from the arcade back there!”

She was acting like an excited elementary schooler on a field trip as she ransacked my bag and began to take out the stuffed animals and other things I had in it. Couldn’t we get into the house first at least? Don’t do that here, dammit.

“Ayumu, what’s this thing?”

Sera had discovered a plastic bag. It was the plastic bag Orito had given me.

“Ah! Myaybee Myaybee this is what Dai-sensei gave you?!”

I felt the blood drain from my face. Also, did she really just say “maybe” like that? Well, whatever. (1)

It could very well be that the thing I had gotten from Orito was also this weapon of Dai Sensei’s.

If something like what had happened earlier happened again, that would be bad.

“Haruna! What do you think you’r-“

Haruna reached into the bag and tore its contents out into the open.

What came out of the bag was a book, and on the cover was a young, sexy woman smiling.

… A young, sexy, naked woman.

An ero book?! Well, if I opened that at school, I really would have died.

“Ayumu… you seriously are the worst!”

I could almost see flames shooting out of Haruna’s mouth as she began to come at me with an Argentine Backbreaker. (2)

“Wait, Haruna! For guys, it’s really not that weird to have one or two-“

“Certainly that’s true. But the problem lies in the fact that you were walking on the street while carrying that.”

Yes, exactly.

“No, there’s a reason for-“

“I despise you.”

Will the day I’m not despised ever come?!

“Ayumu is seriously terrible. You H I J K EROEROERO!” (3)

Haruna sighed and entwined my arms with her legs as she rode on my back. S-Seriously, stop that! It’s just a bit too pervy!

Haruna and Sera seemed exasperated, but only Yuu had on a lonely-looking expression.

This girl really was prone to emotional outbursts when that King of the Night character came out. Maybe something had happened between them in the past, but I didn’t know.

How sad her eyes looked… dammit! Could I really do nothing?! Could I only just stand here, get my arms bound by Haruna, and whack myself while begging for her to get off?

Yuu put her gauntlet-clad hand to the armor around her chest. She looked like she was lost in thought.

She was probably blaming herself for everything that happened.

“Yuu…” I called out Yuu’s name without even knowing what I was planning to say.

My body is not that perfect.

Ah, that’s what it was?

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(1) There was a pun here where Haruna combined the words “masaka” and “moshikashite” to form “mosaka,” which Ayumu is commenting on here. That pun itself is impossible to translate, so instead I tried to encapsulate the mood the best I could.

(2) Pro-wrestling move.

(3) Obviously a very, very, VERY bad bun on the English alphabet.

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