Chapter 2-6

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Chapter 2: Part 6

Fifteen minutes later.

Sera’s homemade cooking was laid out in front of me.

What kind of cooking was it?

… Ugh, that’s what I want to ask!!

The only thing in front of me was this black, coffee-like liquid.

It was a black liquid that had so much surface tension it wouldn’t even spill out of the pot. Also, that’s a pot I’ve never seen before. Was that something Sera had brought? Was this (1) what ninja’s ate? Better question – was this actually food?

“Well, please eat.”

Being stared at by those jade-colored eyes, I tried to avoid her gaze and glanced at Yuu. Yuu wasn’t even looking at the food. Maybe she had decided that what was on the table was not food?

Also, she’s completely ignoring me… Ugh, I’m beat.

“Hellscythe-dono. Please eat.”

“Wait just a second! I’ll eat!”

Could you really feed this stuff to a girl?!

I tried to ladle out the liquid from the pot onto my plate.

As if touched by magma, the ladle melted.

“Ayumu. You won’t be able to touch this food with that kind of weak equipment.”

How strong was this thing?! Was it a monster?!

Seriously, was this food? If you knew I couldn’t use the ladle, don’t put it on the table in the first place!

“Wait… did you season this? To flavor it.”

“Season? Do you think that kind of thing would actually have an effect on this food?”

It wouldn’t have an effect? Wasn’t this thing a bit too strong?!

Sera took out a suspicious-looking small strainer and scooped up the black liquid, dumping it with a Krchh! on the plate in front of me. Just the look of it frightened me. I couldn’t see any of the ingredients – it was just a jet black colored soup.

“Ayumu. Hurry up and eat. Look, the plate is melting.”

Is she telling me to put something in my body that is melting the tableware?

But, she had gone through so much trouble to cook for us. I had to eat it, right? Also, I’m already dead, so I’ll be alright.

Feeling as if I was making some huge decision (2), I poured that soup into my mouth in one go… and spit it out immediately.

My mouth was in agony. That was disgusting. Even though I couldn’t feel pain, I could feel a terrible tingling.

Ahh, I can’t hold on anymore. Looking for water, I ran into the kitchen.


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(1) Funny story, when I was first typing this word I somehow typo’d it as “shit.” Pretty interesting coincidence.

(2) Literally, “Even though I didn’t make much I felt as if I were buying a house.”

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