Chapter 4-4

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Chapter 4: Part 4

Well then, I had come home quickly just as Yuu had requested, but… was there something special about today?

Ah. It’s been exactly a month! Exactly a month since I met Yuu… or rather, since I became a zombie.

Anything strange happen? = “Oniichan. Did something happen~?”

The minute I went into the house, I heard a tapping, and when I went into the living room I found those words waiting for me. She was glancing at me, so I shook my head to signal that nothing had happened. As if saying “Then that’s fine,” she silently returned her gaze to the television, and continued to sip her tea.

For the moment, I returned back to my room, and changed into my casual clothes. I went back downstairs carrying my uniform and my jersey, and tossed them into the wash hamper in the bathroom. Sera did the laundry, which was convenient. Sorry, but I don’t think I should be washing Haruna and Yuu’s undergarments…

I walked towards the kitchen with my bento box and the Kyoudoufu, when I saw Haruna in the living room.

“Ah, welcome back. I’m hungry.”

“Can’t you make anything other than bento lunches?”

“I don’t want to make food for myself. Doesn’t that feel pretty lonely?”

Haruna stared at the television, looking as if she was lost in thought. Now that I think about it, she was always alone in her own world, wasn’t she?

Preparing meals for other people, and having meals prepared for herself. Like that, she probably wouldn’t feel as alone.

“Oh right… the bento was great. Thanks.”

I gave her the brightest zombie smile I could muster, but Haruna didn’t even face me, instead just muttering “No kidding.” She wasn’t facing me because she was blushing, right? Your ahoge is sure jumping around a lot. You’re really happy about this, aren’t you? To be thanked like that.

Grinning at Haruna’s cute response, I entered the kitchen, and then I couldn’t stop the corners of my lips from turning upwards into a smile.

There were an absurd number of ingredients scattered around the kitchen. The leftovers from the Chinese Emperor’s banquet. Did she just leave them lying around like this through the day? This was something Sera should have at least tried to clean up, but…

When I opened the refrigerator, I saw that it was packed to the brim with seafood and other things that would spoil easily. Ah, so she did try to clean things up at least a bit. But as expected, you couldn’t fit 150 things into a refrigerator… also, there was no place to put the tofu.

In other words, today we would just be having these leftovers. There were 150 things here, so it’s not like I was going to get tired of eating these things.

It’s just, it was still a huge amount of work.

“Haruna, after this I’m going to the graveyard to meet Dai-sensei…”

“Hmph. I’m… not going.”

“I see.”

The clock had passed nine, so I took out the tofu from the refrigerator and left the house. As I was walking, at some point Haruna appeared at my side. I didn’t even bother asking her why she was there when she had said she wasn’t coming. But even then…

“I-I’m just going to the convenience store.”

She came up with that excuse. We separated midway, but she would probably come later.

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