Chapter 5-8

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Chapter 5: Part 8

“Your Honor, I would like to call our next witness.”

I guess the witness for this story would be Saras…

“Witness, step forward~~…”

Haruna’s motivation was in freefall right now. And ultimately, the person who sat in the witness chair was none other than a certain juror…

“Y-You see… Aikawa… he stole my first kiss…”

It was a spiky-haired bespectacled guy.

“Why is it you?!”

I screamed at him, causing Orito to cover his face with his hands.

“I’m the person who got kissed during this incident.”

“Aikawa. Did you really…? With Orito…?”

Anderson-kun, the ever-so-handsome gentleman, gave me a painful look.

“Well, that was the penalty. It’s not like I wanted to. Why does it feel like I’m being accused of sexually harassing him too?”

I threw my arms around my head. Orito looked at me with a serious expression…

“I sensed no reluctance in Aikawa’s lips.”

“Stop it with the completely false testimony!”

My yelling seemed to be falling on deaf ears, and a very awkward air drifted around the A/V room. Dammit, it did seem like Orito was a more effective witness than Saras would’ve been. Just hearing the words “kissing Orito” filled me with a profound sense of disgust.

“That’s sooo gross.” Mihara’s disgust was palpable.

“Also, please do not forget the series of events that led to this particular penalty.”

Why did you decide to choose Yagli Gures?

When Yuu asked me that, it made it very difficult for me to lie…

“I wanted to see two pretty girls slicked up with oil grappling with each other.”

And so, I finally confessed that I had been thinking dirty thoughts.

“So now, there can be no doubt that this was an act of sexual harassment.”

Bang bang.

“The issue is now settled! The defense may now present her final argument.”

Haruna banged on her desk. I could tell she thought the trial had already been decided.

“…I don’t think I’ve got anything left to say.”

Tomonori hung her head in frustration. Earlier she had been expecting to win, so it’s no wonder she was really depressed right now.

“Well then, we shall proceed to judgment.”

Haruna looked pleased. The entire A/V room fell into silence. But in the midst of that silence rose a voice.

“… Wait please!” A juror with pigtails raised her hand.

“Hiramatsu.” Anderson-kun, who was sitting right next to her, called her name out in surprise.

“… Certainly… if you look at the testimony up until now… Aikawa-kun is a bit perverted… but! I’m sure… everyone… everyone’s also been helped by his kindness… I think.”

Hiramatsu seemed to be putting every ounce of her courage into her words.

“I wonder…” Mihara seemed to have lost all her energy after hearing about my kiss with Orito.

“As if that’s possible! He’s just too gross.”

Bang bang. Bang bang. Haruna yelled that out.

I have been helped.

Yuu’s memo once again made the A/V room fall into silence. Everyone seemed to be thinking back to something with complicated expressions on their faces.

“Okay, it’s the final argument! I summon Hiramatsu Taeko as my witness! Attack now!”


Hiramatsu sat in the witness’s chair and cast her eyes downwards.

“So, what did Aikawa do?”

It seemed like Tomonori didn’t really are about the trial anymore, but just wanted to hear Hiramatsu’s story.

“Umm… well… it was just the other day…”

Sera was looking at Hiramatsu with a bold smile as Hiramatsu began her story.

Wait… why did she look so confident…?

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