Prologue Part 3

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Prologue Part 3

As I sipped the milk coffee the Demon Baron had bought for me, I looked out the window at the sports clubs that were so diligently practicing even in the middle of this damn cold. Geez, the track team was even wearing shorts…

The Demon Baron had barely managed to buy me this drink, but he apparently had lost too much blood and was now resting in the nurse’s office.

There wasn’t really enough time to take a nap right now, and the usual girl who I would talk to at times like this was currently running to her heart’s content out on the track. So I just sat there, wondering how I was going to kill time in this empty classroom, when I saw one girl enter the room.

Her waist-length black hair fluttered in the wind as she walked over, a smirk appearing on her face.

“Oh look. You’re here alone… my darling.”

This girl, Sarasvati, looked around happily at the lonely, empty room as she came up right beside me. Her tall, slender body was clad in a sailor uniform.

“Hey Saras. That near-death homeroom teacher was here just a while ago, but he’s coughing up blood in the nurse’s office now. Did you need something?”

Schhp. I wrapped my lips around the straw for my milk coffee and sucked the drink up.

“Well, I wanted to make a report to the chief, but it seems we’ve passed each other… hm, what is that?”

Saras looked down at the milk coffee that I was drinking.

“Isn’t it obvious? It’s milk coffee. People my age really like tasty, caffeine-heavy things like this, you know.”

“I see. I shall take that, then.”

Saras gave me a nod and then snatched the milk coffee from my hands. Geez… this girl was always so forceful.

“If you really want one I can go get one for you. If you drink out of that one it’ll turn into an indirect kiss.”

I let out a single yawn, and I shook my head with exasperation. But Saras then brought her face right up to mine.

Her silky hair waved from side to side, and this beautiful girl gave me a bold smile at a distance close enough that our noses were almost touching.

“Perhaps that is precisely what I wanted to do… my darling.”

She challenged me with her grin, and I affixed my gaze on her lips that were right in front of me. I felt my heart skip a beat, but then I pushed her pretty face away.

“Don’t get so close.”

“… You certainly are colder today than usual, my useless darling. Did something happen?”

Saras seemed a bit worried. I was really used to her always talking down to me, but lately there’ve been times when I’ve seen a meeker, more feminine side of her personality.

“Ahh, I’m being forced to work as a manga assistant right now. It seems like the deadline is tomorrow, so everything’s in a huge hurry. I’m just tired from being made to do work that I’m not used to.”

“Tomorrow, hmm… oh hoh, it must be a doujinshi for comiket then.” (1)

“Well, I’m not sure about any of that-”

“Given the timing, that must be it. I see, perhaps I can meet with my scum darling at the convention center as well.”

She closed her eyes, seeming to let all those emotions sink in, and then…

“I am happy, you piece of shit!”

She spat abuse at me with a smile from ear to ear.

“But, I really don’t think we’re going to finish.”

“Hm? Did you not say that the deadline is tomorrow?”

“Yeah. But it’s probably not going to happen. Especially considering what that person is like…”

I let out another yawn. But before I could speak again…

“You imbecile!” Saras yelled loudly.

I couldn’t help but lean over in my chair at the sheer volume of her voice. But Saras continued with the fury of a demoness.

“I will never forgive you if you don’t make a Comiket deadline! Never!”

Saras was getting very angry, and at that moment I had no idea why.

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(1) Doujinshi are fan-made books, and the biggest marketplace they are sold is Comic Market, or comiket, a biannual convention held on Odaiba in Tokyo.

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2 thoughts on “Prologue Part 3

  1. I wonder if a girl like Saras insult me in such way while knowing that she is flirting….what will my reaction be? I bet it will be pretty awkward since well…been called a piece of shit while been flirtatious is a bit confusing.

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