Prologue Part 3

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Prologue Part 3

And like that, it was quickly decided that this year’s school festival would take place at night.

We decided to return to our classroom while everyone was still excited and decide on what we were going to do for the festival.

Haruna didn’t even wait for everyone to sit back down, before…

“Well if we’re gonna do it at night, then we have to do a swatted house!”

She said it like “haunted house”! Jesus, just give up with the swat stuff already!

“How about… a monster… café?”

That was Hiramatsu’s suggestion. I see. That way both the people who wanted a haunted house and the people who wanted a cosplay café would be satisfied, and it was also not something I could see the other classes doing.

“Hm. That sounds like a pretty good idea.”


Haruna groaned. It seemed like she still wanted to do something themed around the swat team. I could read it clearly on her face.

“… Original monsters… who wear swat team outfits?”

Hiramatsu added that on, looking pretty unsure about herself.

“Alright, let’s do that then!”

A smile suddenly shone on Haruna’s face.

“A monster café, hmm…?”

Our homeroom teacher was staring out the window like always. He smiled and continued.

“Maybe it’ll be like that one time?”

“Which time?”

Orito looked puzzled.

“You know, like that one time when everyone turned into animals.”

The homeroom teacher, real name “Kurisu Takeshi,” just chuckled to himself.

… That’s strange.

None of the other students seemed to know what he was talking about.

… And that was to be expected.

Certainly, there was a time when this school was threatened when all the people inside almost turned into animals. But Haruna and I used the power of the masou shoujo to erase that memory from everyone’s head.

So there was no reason anybody should remember that incident. Not anybody.

I glared at our homeroom teacher with a grim expression on my face.

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