Chapter 4-8

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Chapter 4: Part 8

Ahh, that was a pretty rough day. Just because I’m a zombie doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want to me, ugh…

Tomonori was sitting on the defense’s side, and she banged her hand onto the desk.

“See?! Aikawa’s already been punished! Yeah, sure he might be guilty of some stuff, but he got shot with three hundred bamboo spears, so I think that’s enough!”

“Certainly… if there really were three hundred spears involved then I can’t imagine punishing him more…”

Mihara leaned forwards in the jury box. She had always been convinced of my guilt, but now she seemed a bit unsure.

“Umm… what is Dragon Magazine…?”

Hiramatsu raised a hand, looking rather apologetic.

“It’s a magazine put out by Fushimi Books! All the good boys and girls already know that, right?!”

The presiding judge Haruna howled at her, and Hiramatsu seemed to curl into a ball. “Sorry…” she let out weakly.

“Around that time, Fushimi Books was celebrating the publication of its three hundredth issue.”

“But even then, it’s way too cruel to shoot him with three hundred bamboo spears to celebrate!”

Tomonori pointed a finger swiftly at Sera. I could also start seeing a hint of pity appearing in the eyes of the jury as they looked at me.

Bang bang! The judge tried to restore order within the courtroom, which had now become quite noisy.

“Okay, I sentence Ayumu to being stabbed by three hundred more bamboo spears.”

What? This judge… she really had no intention of finding me not guilty, did she?

That would just be too brutal.

The flow of the trial had completely changed. Tomonori raised her hand, seeming like she was about to launch a flurry of arguments, but Sera spoke first, almost as if she wanted to cut Tomonori off.

“I see… well then, I will present testimony. I will establish proof that this man once deliberately committed sexual harassment.”

When things weren’t going your way, you should give up the fight and just change the topic.

Sera had been chased into a corner, but for some reason she was still brimming with confidence… it sent a shiver down my spine.

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