Chapter 2-2a

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Chapter 2: Part 2

I went out of the hall and looked all around me.

I had wanted to talk to Lilia for just a bit, but where in the world had she gone off to?

Both Haruna’s doujinshi and Nene-san’s doujinshi had sold out.

The crowds had thinned out quite a bit compared to when the day had begun, but it was still quite crowded.

Ugh, exactly how long was it going to be like this? Next time I come, I’ll be sure to get a good look at the catalogue beforehand and plan my comiket out a bit better.

Nearing the escalator, I caught sight of the Demon Baron, who was staring blankly up at the ceiling. I walked over to him.

“Oh, Aikawa Ayumu-kun. How are you?”

“I just came back from talking to Nene-san. She said she’ll think about it.”

“That is quite a good response. I suppose Aikawa-kun really does have a special connection to beautiful girls.”

“Speaking of cute girls, have you seen a little girl with pretty blonde hair walking around here?”

“I don’t even want to think about that.”


“I do not have many fond memories of pretty girls with blonde hai-”

Thump. A girl bumped into the Demon Baron’s white coat.

“Howawa! I’m sorry!”

Sorry? That voice… I timidly took a glance over.

As I thought, it was her. She was bowing again and again towards the Demon Baron.

And the Demon Baron looked speechless upon seeing this girl.

“You…. why are you here…?”

He looked pale. Maybe he had spat up too much blood?

“T-That’s… I should be asking you that! Sorry!”

She had blonde hair and was wearing a dress that looked like some kind of cosplay. And there was a tiara above that sparkling, pretty hair of hers. She also was holding onto a stuffed lion… it was Lilia.

Did she get lost again?

“Isn’t this your daughter?”

I found Lilia to be quite charming as she stood there bowing again and again, but the Demon Baron seemed to have a different opinion.

“So, you mistook this girl for Ayaka? Mmm, well that doesn’t make me feel great. Makes me want to spit up blood, honestly.”

The Demon Baron scratched his head as he looked all around him.

“W-W-W-W-W-Why… Demon Baron-san… uuu, what should I do…? This is just… umm, I’m sorry!”

Lilia hugged her stuffed lion close and hid her face behind her hands.

“I’m the one who should be asking you the same thing…”

The Demon Baron was fidgeting around, almost as if he really had to use the toilet.

“Well, even if she isn’t your daughter, it sure looks like you know her.”

I looked back and forth between the two of them as they both fidgeted around.

“Umm… sorry! I think I… really should…”

Tremble tremble. Fidget fidget. Lilia looked like she was deciding whether she should say what she wanted to say, but then she seemed to make up her mind and looked straight at the Demon Baron.

I felt my throat lock up at the sight of her beautiful eyes.

“Sorry… but could you please die for me…?”

This little girl had uttered something quite outrageous, with a hint of apology in her voice.

My eyes widened at this shocking development, while the Demon Baron’s eyes narrowed.

“What the hell… oi, exactly who is this girl here?”

I quickly asked the Demon Baron, who’s face had tightened considerably.

“The Queen… Lilia Lilith.”

“Eh? Queen… wait, you don’t mean the Queen of Virie, do you?”

“Yes, of Virie.” The Demon Baron sounded quite in despair as he nodded quickly at me.

Seriously?! Okay, I guess I had a vague suspicion that this was the case, but considering where we were right now I had dismissed the thought as impossible… what the hell would the Queen of Virie be doing in a place like this?

“D-Demon Baron-san… u-umm, well… ummmm… are you going to run away?”

“Well, probably…”

A girl like this was the Queen of Virie? As usual, Virie was a strange place indeed…

“A-Ahh, okay… sorry. I’m gonna… gonna use that forbidden magic, okay? Umm, sorry. Or I guess… umm…”

The minute the Demon Baron heard that, he sent a fist flying at Lilia.

And so I unconsciously caught his fist.

“Aikawa-kun!” The Demon Baron had been looking calm up until this point, but now he looked dead serious. I was taken aback by his expression.

“Well, I just thought you probably shouldn’t go and punch a girl like that all of a sudden…”

Queen Lilia spread her arms open and dropped her lion.

A hexagram of light shone from the ground, and a wind began to blow around us.

Lilia began to chant strange words in a low voice that I could barely hear.

Her body lifted off the ground, an orange light began to flow from the hexagram on the floor, and her clothes sparkled pink.

It was like Lilia was singing a song.

A quiet song in a language I’ve never heard.

“Looks like it’s begun.”

The Demon Baron clicked his tongue and mumbled.

“What has?”

“This spell takes fifteen minutes to chant, and after that a huge area around us is going to get blasted away. It’s a forbidden spell that only the Queen can use.”

“Can’t we just use your power to help us escape to safety?”

The Demon Baron’s vampire ninja powers allowed him to conveniently move from shadow to shadow. If we used that, then we could probably get all the people here to a place of safety in an instant.

“We’re talking about an area that’s probably the size of the American continent. I don’t think we’ll be able to pull that off in fifteen minutes.”

………….. Eh?

“You’re joking, right?” I really didn’t like saying that, but in this situation I honestly couldn’t say anything else.

“That’s exactly what I said too the first time I saw this spell.”

“Why the hell are we standing around and talking about this? She’s not stopping, so hurry up and stop her already!”

“I mean… I don’t think with my strength I can do much about this anymore.”

“Why? Weren’t you moving to stop her just a minute ago?”

“Why don’t you take a look?”

Hearing the Demon Baron’s words, I turned to look at LIlia.

The lion she had been holding onto had turned giant, and its front legs… paws(?)… were lifted off the ground.


S-So cute!

That thing had been cute when he looked like a kitten too, but now it was more like the size of a cougar, even though his face was still that of a stuffed animal.

Yes… he was just as cute as a Megalo.

“This is the Queen’s masou weapon, ‘Fuurinka-nyan.’ Because of this guy, that coup d’état that Chris and Ariel tried to start ended in failure.”

“Because of this guy…”

Masou weapon. I’d heard that phrase before.

“The Queen isn’t actually that strong. In fact, if Ariel and Chris were here, they’d be able to take care of her handily. But I’m pretty powerless to do anything here.”

It was as if the Demon Baron had lost his spirit of battle.

“In that case, I’ll just do this myself then!”

I’ll just go plug up her mouth so she stops chanting. I leaped up onto one of the circle booth tables and was planning a zombie jump that would take me over the head of the lion, but…

“I strike fast like a cat. Myaaan~.”

Fuurin-nyan suddenly appeared before my eyes and swung at me grandly like a bear fishing for salmon.

And I was sent flying away, looking like a stage actor hanging from wires during a fight scene. I moved through the air like Mike Powell doing one of his famous running long jumps and slammed into a wall.

Then came the followup attack.

“I invade like a cat.”

Fuurinka-nyan stabbed my body with its claws.

“Myan~.” Stab.

“Myan~.” Stab.

“Myan~.” Stab.

This thing really showed no mercy, did it?

Now I had holes in my chest and abdomen. He was honestly trying to kill me, wasn’t he?

I couldn’t muster up any strength anywhere in my body. As I slid down to the ground, Fuurinka-nyan suddenly vanished.

I coughed up a bit of blood. That damn lion thing. He was pretty nasty for being so cute.

But, why had he stopped halfway through his attacks?

Thud. Thud.

I heard thud after thud, as if something was crashing repeatedly into something else.

Taking a look, I noticed that the Demon Baron was collapsed against a wall and spitting up blood.

Similarly, I saw many people donning black mantles getting thrown at the wall one after another.

It seemed that the Demon Baron had called for the help of the other vampire ninjas in order to stop Lilia.

After all, there was conveniently a bunch of vampire ninja squadrons in the hall next door.

This sudden turn of events had caused pandemonium within the ranks of the normal people around us.

Well, obviously that would happen though.

Ugh, stop screaming and wandering around. It’s not like you can see Fuurinka-nyan from where you are.

“What is going on?!”

The one who had shouted that was none other than a small girl with an ahoge sticking out her head.

Haruna? What was she doing here?

“Who dares interrupt my annual Haruna Festival?! I’ll never forgive you!”

You’ve only been in this world for half a year, you know…

But I saw a burning fighting spirit residing in those large, cat-like eyes of hers as Haruna glared at Lilia.

I picked myself off the ground, holding my pierced abdomen as I headed over to Haruna’s location.


“Gross! What happened?”

“That Fuurinka-nyan masou weapon did me in.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Her ahoge warped into the shape of a question mark. Did she not know about Fuurinka-nyan?

“I’m talking about that lion the Queen of Virie has.”

“Hmm… why’s something like that in a place like this?”

Did Haruna not know about the Queen at all? It really sounded like she just didn’t have any interest at all into what was happening.

“Well, I don’t know why actually… also, you don’t know about the Queen?”

“Not at all. It’s not like a random school student could just go and meet with the Queen, so I never cared too much.”

I could’ve sworn I heard a tinge of bitterness in her voice. But well, I guess she made sense. I doubted I’d be meeting the Emperor or the Prime Minister any time soon either.

So Haruna had probably never made the acquaintance of the Queen either.

“You sure you didn’t just forget about it?”

“I’m a genius! If I meet someone, if I go somewhere just once, I’ll never forget about it!”

Ok, sure. That ability certainly did sound like something a genius would have, I suppose.

So, I guess she really had never met the Queen and didn’t much care either. It certainly was like Haruna to think like that.

“Anyways, we have to do something about this ruckus first.”

“Guess it’s Haruna to the rescue again. Leave it to the genius, ‘kay?”

“Okay, I’ll leave it to the genius.”

Haruna gave me a pearly white smile.

And then, she held up her own doujinshi high into the air before sucking in a deep breath…

“Everyone quiet down! Feast your eyes upon this doujinshi!!”

“Moe” “Moeee~” “….. Moeee…”

The screaming all around us stopped, and everyone turned their eyes to focus on Haruna.

She honestly looked like a religious leader standing there like that.

“Everyone, follow me!”


Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Haruna lured all these guys wearing their black jackets to her with her doujinshi.

To think her doujinshi would be useful at a time like this…


It seemed that Fuurinka-nyan had realized something strange was going on. But if it wanted to try to stop Haruna, then I wouldn’t let it. That thing might send my head flying, or might continue to pierce me from every angle, but I would show it that no matter how many holes it put in my body, I would endure through it.

After all, I was a zombie.

“I strike fast like a cat. Myaaan~.”

Fuurinka-nyan dashed for Haruna. And in what great form; he almost looked like an athlete with his elbows bent at perfect right angles and his arms swinging back and forth with grand motions. His knees lifted far off the ground as his tail swung from side to side.

I felt myself collapsing in on myself at the sight of his speed.

But then a spray of water attacked Fuurinka-nyan from the side. The water reminded me of what would happen if you turned a hose on with the hose nozzle blocked and then suddenly allowing all the water out at once.

“I stand fast like a cat. Myaaan.”

Fuurinka-nyan stopped in his tracks and didn’t budget an inch as the water flooded him. It looked almost like he was in the middle of playing around with water guns.

“Take this chance to attack him too! My darling!”

Ah, so it had been Saras. Her long black hair fluttered behind her as she stood there in her cute pink outfit and black stockings and tights.

And there was also that pitch black mantle she was wearing, the proof that she was a vampire ninja.

She was holding a blue, almost transparent sword in her right hand. Saras had the ability to change water into blades. The water that had hit Fuurinka-nyan was also probably razor sharp. Although the razors hadn’t seemed to do much damage.

Got it. I’d take this chance to punch Fuurinka-nyan as hard as I can.

I had to use my zombie powers now. The monstrous powers that allowed me to far surpass human limitations.

I kicked off the floor and thrust myself at the lion as he stood there with a happy-looking expression on his face.


I was using three times the power that humans should be able to exhibit. My ferocious attack struck him right in his guts.

But Puurinka-nyan didn’t budge an inch. Ripples emanated out from the point of impact as he absorbed all my force into his body. It almost reminded me tossing a rock into a water’s surface.

This must’ve been the same kind of banner I had seen time and time again.

To put it simply, none of my attacks would get through.

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One thought on “Chapter 2-2a

  1. Wow, so her stuffed doll is actually her weapon? Diabolical? To think Fuurinka-nyan was a masou renki, I think it’s the first time a doll actually served as a Masou Shoujo’s weapon. And it’s designed to deal with any “upstarts” in Virie, how devious. Loved the chapter, can’t wait for the next one.

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