Chapter 4-5


Chapter 4: Part 5

I soon found myself in front of the school shoeboxes, wringing out my shirt.

Anderson-kun and I were sitting down, half naked, while for some reason Orito was twirling around and around along the wall. Was he trying to make himself into butter or something?

“What do you think Orito is trying to do?”

It was such a strange sight that I couldn’t help but asking Anderson-kun, who was sitting next to me.

“He’s probably trying to get a view at all the wet uniforms from all angles. I can’t say I don’t sympathize.”

“I’m happy to hear Anderson-kun sounding like a normal guy for once…”



Anderson-kun’s handsome face looked pretty serious.

It was like watching a warrior braced for death… it was so serious that looking at him with that expression was almost refreshing.

“I want you to tell Eucliwood something for me.”

At his statement, I found myself tensing up.

After all, he had said Yuu’s full name.

But I had never told him that Yuu’s full name was Eucliwood Hellscythe.

In other words…

“You… aren’t a regular human, are you?”

“Randomly changing the subject, aren’t we? It really doesn’t matter, does it?”

Ahh, I really wanted him to be a normal human, dammit. Was he a vampire ninja or something?

“Goddammit. Why the hell aren’t there any normal people around me?”

“You don’t know? It’s because Eucliwood is here. Well, in any case, that doesn’t matter. As I said, could you tell Eucliwood something for me?”

“What do you want me to tell her? I might punch you depending on what you answer.”

“… Tell her to take back the powers she’s transferred to Haruna.”

Thump. My heart began to race.

Why the hell had he said it like that? It was almost like… Yuu had willingly transferred her troublesome powers to Haruna.

He probably guessed what I was thinking from my facial expression. Anderson-kun looked away from me and turned his eyes onto Yuu.

“Eucliwood can share her powers. If she really wanted to, she would be able to transfer the entirety of her powers to someone else.”

“There’s… no way…”

“We’ve done many experiments, and it’s almost certain. But… up until now, Eucliwood has not done that even once. She could not force anybody else to bear the same pain that she was feeling.”

“That does sound like Yuu.”

“But, she did it this time. I can’t even begin to understand why, but for some reason, she did something that thousands of people had wished her to do in the past but to no avail.”


I couldn’t say anything in return.

“I wished that I could also enjoy the school festival with Ayumu…”

Yuu had said that before. She already had godlike powers, but to think she would want to go to this school festival so much that she would make a wish for it…

And for that reason, Yuu transferred her powers to Haruna…?

“Only Eucliwood can handle those troublesome powers of hers. If we just leave the situation as is, things are going to just get worse… well, no, things have already gotten pretty bad.”

“You mean this typhoon?”

“If only that was it. Aikawa, let me tell you something. I’ve grown quite fond of my life here. If the masou shoujo try to invade and destroy this world again, I’d fight with all my strength to prevent that.”

“So you’re a defender at heart, huh?”

“Yes. After all, the people of the Underworld and the guardians in this world… our job is to protect. But, this problem goes beyond that. There’s no way to defend against Eucliwood’s destructive powers. After all, they are the powers of destiny.”

“… And if Yuu gets her powers back, things would go back to normal?”

“Yes, they should. She hasn’t gotten her powers back yet… probably because of how much she had wanted to sing. That’s all the more reason why now… I’m coming to you for help. I even exposed myself as someone from the Underworld.”

… So he was from the Underworld?! So Anderson-kun came from the same worl d Yuu had come from?

“I understand.”

“Do you really?”

“I understand… but I can’t tell her that.”

“…… Why not?”

“I know that I have to tell her. I also don’t want to leave Haruna like that. But… you know? If Yuu can really get her powers back by herself… but she’s deciding not to… then I don’t want to go and force her to.”

“The later we get with this, the worse things will become. You understand that, right?”

“When it gets that bad… I’ll do something about it.”

“I… see. Well, I’m counting on you then. Also, please join my basketball team!”

“Shut up, you…”

Anderson-kun stood up and brushed the dust off his trousers.

“Ah, wait just a second, Anderson-kun. There’s one more thing.”

“What is it?”

“It’s just not possible that Yuu would have transferred her powers to Haruna out of her own free will.”

“Not possible?”

“Because Yuu’s the kindest person, while Haruna is the biggest idiot in this world.”

My face was probably overflowing with an embarassing amount of idiotic confidence when I said that.

“I see.”

Anderson-kun mumbled that, sounding a bit impressed.

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