Chapter 4-5

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Chapter 4: Part 5

It was five in the morning. I knew that nobody would be visiting the graveyard. I didn’t know how lazy the groundskeeper here was, but I never saw anybody here. I wondered if this place got much more lively during Obon or something…

There was a girl in front of me, clad in a white coat.

“Well then, Ayumu-san. You have something you would like to ask me, don’t you? You tried hard to keep Haruna from coming with us, so I know that you must want to know what I’m planning, yes~~?”

“There are a few things I want to ask: why are you making masou weapons, why did you put one in Tomonori, and what do you plan to use that weapon for?”

“For the first question, my friend is the one making the weapons, not me. For the second question, it’s because it was a way for me to save that girl from her wounds. And for the third question…”

Dai-sensei thought for a bit and looked me straight in the eyes.

“I plan to use the weapons to overthrow Virie~~.”

She spoke that in a surprisingly easygoing tone.


“I… don’t want to be at war anymore.”

“I understand that, but… Isn’t is pointless if you start a war to achieve that?”

“I worked really hard to plan it out so we could end everything with one war, you know~~? Virie has been at war with the world called the ‘Underworld’ for a loooong time~~. And from the start, Virie has prospered by absorbing the other worlds that exist. This world is no exception to that.”

“So they’re invaders? Why do they need to do something like that?”

“It gives their life meaning. For example, say Ayumu-san obtains the most powerful sword in the world. Wouldn’t he want to try it out? But there is no longer anybody in this world that can match him. So he goes to other worlds to test his strength.”

“Well, I guess that’s true.”

“And when you go to the other world, you once again obtain a new power. Wouldn’t you want to use it? Virie continues to wage war for that reason. All I want to do is to stop those wars.”

“In other words, the Megalo aren’t attacking you, but the masou shoujo are attacking the Megalo?”

“Well, Virie attacked the Underworld, and so the Megalo began to attack the masou shoujo.”

Ugh. No matter how you looked at it, Virie was the bad guy here.

“I understand now. I want to help you. So, who is that amazing friend of yours?”

“My childhood friend. He is just an amazing craftsman. Hasn’t Haruna mentioned him to Ayumu-san? She calls him a demon baron.”

T-the demon baron actually exists?! I thought about it, and… Haruna certainly mentioned something back when she was helping me study for my test. Dammit, I can’t remember what she said…

Hmm… Was it that there was some kind of civil war in Virie?

“Wait just a second. Does that mean Tomonori is this demon baron’s daughter?”

“Not his daughter. She’s… something like a daughter. When he was here, in this world, she became quite attached to him.”

So the demon baron once came to this world? If I wanted to know more, I probably would have to ask him myself.

“Well, shall we start~~? His speed is nothing special. So let’s start by getting you used to it~~.”

And like that, my training started. It seemed that Dai-sensei wanted to avoid talking about the demon baron.

“So, please evade all of these~~.”

Dai-sensei gave me a smile and quickly rushed up to me.

And then she kicked me in the jaw.

“Wha-?! We’re already starting?”

“I won’t stooop~~. You have to evade ten attacks in a row~~.”

Dai-sensei began to punch me almost as if she was attacking a sandbag. Evading ten attacks in a row… I couldn’t even evade one. How the hell was she moving like that? It wasn’t boxing, and it wasn’t Chinese martial arts…

What’s more… Each and every attack was made with enough force to make me faint in agony.

“Come on, go a bit easy-“

“This is how strong that man is~~. It would be pointless for me to go easy.”

She sent a liver blow into my gut all while grabbing my clothes and adding in a knee strike.

God dammit. I was gonna do this! I sent an attack back at Dai-sensei.

“Precisely. It’s important to limit your opponents motions by adding in attacks of your own.”

She patted my head. Hey, hey, I’m in the middle of an attack!

I was going for it. Ten attacks evaded in a row!

We repeated the same motions over and over and over again, and when I had finally begun to figure out Dai-sensei’s movements, the sun was already high in the sky and we had to suspend our training.

In the end, I had only managed to evade two attacks in a row. I had gotten used to Dai-sensei’s speed, but I just couldn’t keep up with it.

When I went back home, I showered the sweat from my body and had my fill of Haruna’s superb cooking in the living room.

Perhaps she was happy that she could be with Dai-sensei, but Haruna had a huge smile on her face.

“Ayumu.” Sera called my name. For some reason, she was grimacing.

“Will you… go somewhere with me?”

Was that the first time Sera had asked me to go out with her? It made me kind of happy.

“Do you also want a date with me or something?”

“This damn lowlife… No, no, that’s not it.”

D-did she just call me a damn lowlife? I-I really couldn’t hear her too well. Hah hah hah…

Sera glanced at Haruna. Haruna was all smiles while she chatted with Dai-sensei. Her ahoge was waving around like a dog’s tail.

I see. Sera… You wanted to leave Haruna and Dai-sensei alone for a while, right?

“I got it.”

“But for a date… Fine. We’ll do it on February 30th.”

“Really? If you’re okay with it, then that makes me happy…”

Wait, February 30th? That was never going to come! Are you saying I can only have one date with you ever four years?!

All the water in my body turned into tears.

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