Prologue Part 1

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Prologue – From Henceforth, You Have Become a Masou Shoujo! (1) You Should Be Honored!

Prologue: Part 1

It was the summer after my first year of high school. Every year, there’s a dispute over when summer actually starts, but I don’t care about that. Isn’t it fine to just say that when it’s hot, it’s summer?

The rainy season had passed, and I looked up at the clear-weathered skies, ignoring the droning of the teacher which I probably should have been listening to and fully enjoying the sluggishness of the school day.

Ahh, it’s so boring. Boring to a magnificent degree. Of course, to me, boredom was a supreme luxury.

I collapsed limply onto the top of my desk. We were in the middle of math class, but I didn’t give a damn. There was no helping it, you know? I hated the sunlight.

I don’t think I hate being on the window side of the classroom that much. Honestly, being second from the back on the window side is a pretty good position to be in.

Ugh… and after this precious boring time had finally arrived, the weather had to go and rain… I mean sun… on my parade.

If school were at night, I wouldn’t be this bothered. The heat didn’t matter to me.

It was the sunlight I hated. The sunlight.

Well, there’s no point in sitting here idly and complaining about it. Thank God for curtains. To get rid of that terrible sunlight striking my skin, I leaned my chair back, and poked the guy sleeping behind me with my mechanical pencil.

“Hey. Close the curtains.”

But, he just continued on sleeping and showed no signs of waking up. Maybe I should make sure you never wake up. Don’t screw with me, asshole (2).

Dammit, my mind is going hazy. I thinned my eyes and glared at that annoying sunlight.

If only there were no sunlight, there would be nothing on this Earth that could frighten me.

Well then, since my brains are going to be like quickly-melting shaved ice when I wake up, let me just be frank with you now.

I’m a zombie.

Ah, also, a masou shoujo.

Alright. That was my once-in-a-lifetime coming out. Alright, I’m going to sleep. Please let me sleep.

… And please, will someone shut the…

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(1) A play on the words “mahou shoujo.” “Sou” is written with the kanji that means “clothes,” so “masou shoujo” means pretty much “magical clothing girl.”

(2) He actually says “I’ll eat you.” Noooot a threat that works very well in English.

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