Chapter 4-7

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Chapter 4: Part 7

My training went more smoothly the second time.

If that was true, did that mean that I was steadily getting stronger?

Dai-sensei still didn’t seem to be trying, and someone like me was still no match for her, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t see her movements.

“Now, now, today, how about Ayumu-san transforms and tries his very, very best~~?”

“Transform, huh…?”

I was a bit at a loss. We hadn’t really met any Megalo lately, so I had managed to deal with things without transforming, but now I had to change into that outfit again?

“We can just pretend I trans-“

“No, no, that won’t do. That just won’t dooo~~.”

It looked like I was out of options. I gripped my chainsaw and began my chant.

“Nomobuyo, woshi, hashitawa, dokeda, gunmiicha, dei, ribura.”

My clothes popped off and the masou shoujo costume appeared on my body instead.

“Well, then… Today we will practice attacking.”

I had been waiting for this. In the end, attacking was much more my style than defending.

“Is Dai-sensei not going to transform?”

“Are you suuuure~~? You won’t be able to lay a single finger on me then. Is that fine~~?”

Well, that’s true. After all, a transformed me was just about at the level of an untransformed Dai-sensei.

“That man usually stands pretty still and doesn’t try to evade. But if you transform into a masou shoujo, I think the story will be different~~. But if you don’t transform, you wouldn’t ever be able to beat him~~.”

“So… How should I go about attacking him, then?”

“Quite simple. Don’t think about anything and go at him with alllll your strength~~.”

“You think I can hit him that way?”

“No, no, probably not. But if you keep going and going and going~~, eventually you’ll find a chance. And then all you have to do is seize that chance~~.”

I did what she said, beginning to attack Dai-sensei. Dodge, dodge, dodge… But even then, I continued to attack.

And then I saw Dai-sensei raise her fist.

Now! This was it! I slashed my chainsaw down.

Crap. I accidentally put all my strength into that attack. Not good… I was going to kill her… Or not. She dodged the attack, so I only managed to cut off a bit of one of her twin tails.

She got behind me, moving faster than I had seen her move before, and pushed me from behind.

“Correct. How wonderful~~.”

She clapped for me, but I didn’t know it was really something be happy about.

“Well thennnn, time for me to be serious too~~.”

Hm? Was she mad? Could it be because I cut off a bit of her twin tails?

Wait… Seriously… Uwah!

Once my masou shoujo outfit had been beaten full of holes, our training session ended.

She was way too strong… As expected from Dai-esnsei. In the end, I’d grazed her twin tails, but I hadn’t managed to touch her again.

“Shall we end our training for today~? Now then, about Ayumu-san’s performance…”

“Can I beat him?”

“Not at allllll~~. It’s not even a question. Your chances of winning would be aroooound… ten percent.”

“Ten percent is plenty.”

“It’s not~~. We haven’t even taken his abilities into account, so the wise move is to not challenge him at all, I think~~.”

“Even then… I’m gonna beat him.”

“If enough of that mist is around that man, Ayumu-san’s chances of winning drop to zero~~.”

“Because he can run away?”

“No no no. That mist can teleport matter from one place to another. In other words, if he surrounds himself with the mist, no attack you can make would go through~~.”

“So what should I do?”

“I don’t know~~. I could blow the mist away with wind, but wind magic is pretty difficult~~.”


So, first, we had to think of a countermeasure. Against that teleportation mist.

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