Chapter 4-11

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Chapter 4: Part 11

Yuu’s breath caught in her chest. I faced those blue eyes of hers and smiled.

“Yuu, no matter what destiny awaits me… I’ll handle it. So please stay with me.”

I heard those words once before.

“Ah, that’s true… But I was weak back then. I just said that to sound confident. But this is different-I’ll definitely figure things out. Please believe me.”

I believe you. Even so, I would be a bother.

Still no good? I got strong enough to even beat the King of the Night… and still…

“Shut up! I told you, just stay with me!”

When Yuu heard me suddenly lose my cool, her eyes widened. And then she gave me a small smile.

That sounded like Haruna.

“We had to deal with so much because of you, so let me be selfish. Yes, this is just my own ego talking, and I’m not thinking about how you feel. But I’m not going to give up.”

That really sounded like Haruna.

“The King of the Night said something. He thought that living is more painful than dying. I could almost believe that, but in the end, I think he was wrong.”

I think he was right.

“But life is definitely much more fun than death. You know that too, don’t you?”

Yes. I know. You all have shown me that.

Yuu gave me a strong nod.

But even then. I can’t make everyone unhappy.

Ugh, dammit! I hugged Yuu tight.

This hurts.

“I’m definitely not letting go of you again. You’re a treasure I’ve finally gotten my hands on, after all.”


“It doesn’t matter how much you cry or how much you struggle; until you promise to be by my side, I definitely won’t let you go. Haruna and Sera… They both feel the same way.

Everyone is being selfish.

“Yeah, exactly! We’re all being selfish! And we’re going to push our selfishness on you! There are lots and lots of things we want you to do for us!”

I got it.

“No, you don’t!”

“I got it.”


In my absolute surprise, I almost let go of Yuu. Yuu had used words.

“No matter what happens, I’ll stay by Ayumu’s side.”

At that moment, Yuu was not her usual emotionless self. Instead, she gave me a smile so beautiful that it could have belonged to a goddess. Just seeing that smile… made tears come to my eyes.

“Now that sounds like a great idea.”

I laughed while tears streamed down my face, and Yuu thrust another memo at me.

In return, you will be unhappy.

“Ahh, that also sounds like a great idea.”

My head hurts.

“Sorry about that. Oh yeah, your words all definitely become reality, don’t they?”

I will do something about Ayumu’s unhappiness.

In return, I want Ayumu to do something about me. About my destiny.

Is that selfish?

“Yeah, it’s selfish. Like Haruna.”



I want you to hug me again. Hug me tight.

I couldn’t see the memo too well through my tears, but I hugged Yuu tightly, so tight that our cheeks rubbed against each other.

I was probably waiting. Waiting for this selfishness.

Perhaps we were holding each other too close, but Yuu let go of her memo pad and wrapped her arms around me.

And, like a paper blizzard, the scattered pages flew off in the wind.

Whoever picked those memos up… I’m sure they would blush when they read them.

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