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Epilogue – Subject: Thank you. Body of Message: This E-Mail Has No Content.


It was December the 25th. Christmas.

Chris had promised me that she would return Haruna’s magical energy to her.

In the end, I could only trust that Chris would fulfill her promise.

I was quite worried about whether Chris would really give us the Christmas present she promised us, but I had a feeling she would pull through.

Kurisu Takeshi was a man who half-assed everything and had no personality, but he was still an honest man.

New Year’s Eve was right around the corner. I was sitting in the living room under our kotatsu, peeling an orange.

Yuu was drinking tea right next to me. She was as emotionless as always, but she suddenly looked towards me and tapped twice on the desk.

Good work. Haruna’s magical energy just came back.


That’s great. It looks like Chris really kept her promise.

Back to me.

“Why to you?!”

Chris had returned Haruna’s magical energy, but to Yuu. Was this some kind of masou shoujo humor? It definitely was a prank at the very least.

I will transfer this energy to Haruna. But it will take time.

“So, in other words, I can transform into a masou shoujo again?”

Yuu nodded. I see. Well, it looks like everything was back to normal at least.

So I guess we could say we’ve completely solved our Chris problem.

“Ayumu Ayumu Ayumu!”

Pitter patter pitter patter. I heard the sound of feet rushing down the stairs.


“Let’s go for sushi! Sushi!”

Haruna gave me a smile. She was brimming with energy. Wait, hadn’t she just gone for sushi yesterday?

It’s not like we could just eat out every single day… ugh. Well, this was quite like Haruna, though, I had to admit.

Next, Sera came down and made a single statement.

“I thought I might try to cook our dinner today too…”

She sighed.

“Hey, let’s go for sushi. Let’s go for sushi right away.”

I stood up. And I held out a hand toward Yuu.

Yuu gave me a small nod.

I hoped that all these people would forever be in my life, and that these days would never end.

That would be the most blissful Christmas present possible. It would be the ultimate happy end.

I wrapped the scarf Yuu had given to me around my neck, and we headed for that rotary sushi where they served anything and everything. On the way, my phone began to vibrate.

I hadn’t touched my phone that day yet, but when I checked, I saw that I had five new e-mails in my inbox.

The first was from Mihara.

Subject: Don’t tell me…

Body of Message: Did you come over?

I could almost feel the sadness behind her short sentence. She probably felt humiliated at having her room seen by others.

Response: Exactly why in the world would I go over to your house?

That’ll do it.

If she pushes it, I’ll just claim over and over again that Santa did it.

The next mail was from Tomonori.

Subject: (none)

Body of Message: Aikawa!! Something amazon happened! Santa Cruz came over!

Response: Watch that autocorrect there.

The third mail was from Orito.

Subject: (none)

Body of Message: The best.

I checked the file he attached and saw a photo of Saras in a swimsuit. He seemed to really be enjoying the photo that Sera had put next to his pillow.

Response: Go die.

The fourth mail was from Hiramatsu.

Subject: Merry Christmas.

Body of Message: Thank you for yesterday. I had a lot of fun hanging out with Aikawa-kun. By the way, I found that dog cushion when I woke up this morning… Aikawa-kun, did you come all the way over to bring that to me? That makes me really happy. Thank you. But… is it really okay for me to take this?

There were a lot of apologetic looking emoticons sprinkled throughout her email.

Response: That cushion just magically found its way over to Hiramatsu’s house. Looks like you have some weird fans.

The last one was from Saras.

Subject: Thank you.

Body of Message: This e-mail has no content.

That was so like Saras. I felt my lips loosen, and I decided to not respond at all.

I started to put my cell phone away when suddenly someone called me.

When I looked at the screen, I saw a rather odd number. That meant… this was a call from Virie.


“Ah, Ayumu-saaan~~? It’s been quite a while~~.”

I heard a lazy, easy-going voice on the other end. It was Haruna’s homeroom teacher, Dai-sensei.

“What’s up?”

“Weeeellll, it seems something really, reaaaaaaaally serious is going to happen~~.”

“And what might that be?”

“So, the queen… she’s going to go and visit Ayumu-san’s world~~.”

“Wait wait wait wait, why? Chris already turned over a new leaf, so there isn’t any threat left here, right?”

“Well, she seems to have taken an interest in Ayumu…”


“Mystletainn seems to be beating AA-class and AAA-class Megalo left and right, and I told her about youuuu~~. And now she’s reaaaaally excited about it~~.”

“She’s coming here to meet me?”

“Weeelll, technically she’s going to beat Chris, the strongest masou shoujo, buuuut… I’m sure she’ll end up visiting Ayumu-san toooo~~. Be carefulll~~. If she gets upset, you can kiss your entire city bye bye~~.”


I grabbed my head. I could feel a headache coming on.

I shut my eyes and tried to figure out what to do here, when I felt someone pat me on the shoulder.

“Do your best.”

It was a cute, little girl’s voice.

A girl wearing a white Gothic Lolita outfit had just passed me.

That… was that Chris?

I turned around expecting to see Chris there, but all I saw was an unremarkable middle-aged man sharing a laugh with Nene-san.

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3 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. Hey! Glad you brought us the epilogue, it’s most appreciated! 😀

    But ,man, to think that Lilia is coming to Japan? This is definitely not good, not good at all. Anyway, can’t wait for the next volume. Until then…

  2. Yes, that’s the one, her full name is supposed to be Lilith Lilia (or is it the other way around). And she sounds like a LOT of trouble for poor Ayumu. Still looking forward to it though. Keep up the great work. 😀

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