Chapter 4-2

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Chapter 4: Part 2

On Mondays, from first period I was subject to the torture that was PE. Why was it torture, you ask? Do you really think I can exercise under the blazing sun like that? Zombies couldn’t do anything when it wasn’t nighttime.

If we were exercising in the gym, I could show off my physical strength to my heart’s content, but unfortunately we were playing volleyball today on the field. Set up volleyball in the gym, dammit.

As a result, I collapsed before the match had even begun, and was carried to the infirmary. And I lay there in bed until noon. It was a normal school day, without anything really worth mentioning.

Well, if there was one thing worth mentioning… it was lunch!

Alright, Haruna! Battle start!

I ripped the top off the box, and in it were… stewed bear claw, spiny lobster, what looked to be shark fin stew, what looked to be fried suckling pig, something that looked like scraps of abalone steak… a small feast fit for a Chinese emperor was crammed into that box. I see, this is what she meant by “I made something incredible today!” That was certainly true.

There must have been nearly a hundred and fifty things in this box. Each and every one of them were super tiny. What a jumbled up mess. But pretty amazing. Where the hell did she find all these ingredients?

“Wow… sort of disgusting… who made this? Sera-san?”

Orito stared at my food, dumbfounded. I mercilessly fended off his chopsticks as he reached for my food.

“It was Haruna. To tell you the truth, the ultimate fried egg I had last time was also made by her. I won’t let Sera cook. As long as my heart continues to beat, I will never let her cook.”

“Dammit, I’m so jealous!”

Orito even started attacking my face with his chopsticks. Hmph… as if I’d let you hit me!

As we crossed chopsticks with each other, Orito underhandedly grabbed the spiny lobster with his free hand. He knows I like lobster too…

“You know, you really have to share things as delicious as this with everyone.”

The corners of his mouth turned upwards into a smile. What a spiteful little four-eyes… how dare he take my lobster…

“Well, is it good?”

I asked him with tears pooling in my eyes, and he gave me a huge affirmative nod. Oh, is that so? The fried eggs were already shockingly delicious. With these types of ingredients, I’m sure the food was extravagantly tasty. Well, if I could be allowed to speak selfishly for a moment, it would have been nicer if I could have gotten this meal straight out of the oven though…

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