Epilogue Part 1

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Epilogue – Thirty-siiiix~~. Thirty-seveeeen~~.

Epilogue: Part 1

To make up for lost time, I was enjoying myself on a date with Yuu.

We went to the same planetarium I’d seen with Tomonori, we ate at the maid café, and then we went to the department store to buy clothes.

The lavender one or the black one. Which one is better?

“Hm? Let me see… Lavender, maybe?”

I also like the lavender one better.

What a coincidence. Ahh… What was this warm feeling in my chest?

“You know, the places we went to today are all places I went to when you weren’t here.”

I see. This was really fun.

“Yeah, it’s fun now too. Where were you and what were you doing?”

I was in the Underworld.

“Didn’t you have anywhere else you could go? Like, another country or something.”

No matter where I went, I would cause trouble. So there was nowhere I belonged.

“A place where you belong, huh…? I hope that here… by my side… I hope that you will come to think of that as the place you belong.”

I tried to forget about Ayumu and everyone else. I desperately tried my best. But I couldn’t; no matter what I did, I would start to think, Haruna would do this, or Ayumu would do that. I couldn’t throw away the small piece of happiness that I had found.

“And that’s why you came all the way back to my house?”

That was because the tea in the Underworld was terrible.

During our date, Yuu was constantly looking over her shoulder.

Small wonder, that; Haruna and Sera were following us on this date as well.

“Hey, hey! Isn’t this one really really cute?!”

“Yes. It would fit Haruna well. You should match it with this one.”

“Ohh! That’s a great idea!”

They really seemed to be having fun… It was almost as if they had just come here to play.

Perhaps Yuu just couldn’t take it anymore, but she turned around to look at them.

“Ah, we got figured out.”

Haruna’s ahoge stood straight on end. Yes. In fact, you were completely, utterly figured out. Yuu reached out her hand and beckoned them over. Sera and Haruna looked at each other, and then they ran over. Geez, those two…

Well, it was true, though.

It was more fun with the four of us together.

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