Prologue Part 2

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Prologue Part 2

An emergency school-wide assembly was called, and the vice principle spoke grateful words.

“Your passionate opinions have been heard!”

The vice principle almost howled into the microphone with tears threatening to fall from his eyes, and started with that one sentence.

Our vice principle was the kind of person who let the students make a lot of decisions.

A school was not made by its teachers, but was something advanced by its students. Field trip destinations, the competitions in the athletic festivals, and even class changes… if the students were assertive with their opinions, the vice principle would listen to them and enact them. He was just that kind of devoted guy.

“Even if the people in the neighborhood complain, I’ll take responsibility and go around begging them for forgiveness, so just go wild! That is all! My heart has been moved!”

I really doubted that the people in the neighborhood would be satisfied by just him begging them for forgiveness, but the students ignored that and rejoiced at the thought of a night festival.

Well, it was true that just the thought of being able to do something at school during the night was pretty exciting.

Overcome with emotion, the vice principal got off the stage, and was replaced by our own “No Personality.”

“Ahh, I’m the homeroom teacher for the first year class C, Kurisu. The vice principal might have said that, but if you went wild it would be a problem… so please act in moderation, or else we really might have to end the school festival midway.”

Ah, our homeroom teacher’s name was Kurisu? And with the warning our own homeroom teacher gave to the now celebrating students, the emergency assembly came to a close.

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