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This book finally went out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, nice to meet you. This is Kimura.

This work is a revision of my work that received an honorable mention in the 20th Fantasia Novel Competition.

It’s really a dream to be able to put out a book.

Thank you to all of you who have chosen my book.

Now then, the truth is, I had no idea what this thing called a “plot” was.

I was called by my supervisor…

“Does your book have a plot?” I was asked.

… What? I was really puzzled.

Have you all heard of this word “plot”? Because I hadn’t at all.

“A plot carries the design specifications for the work. We’ll need to do revisions so let’s make a plot.”

“I’ve never made one before.”

For some reason, I remember that my response was just brimming with confidence.

And then, as a first step to making this plot, we started first to talk about what the subject of the book was.

“First, what’s the genre of ‘Kore wa Zombie’?”

“Ah. It’s Sci-fi action!”

“… Please apologize to all the Sci-fi authors.”

Sci-fi authors, I’m really really sorry.

“So, what’s the genre of ‘Kore wa Zombie’ then?”

“Ah. It’s suspense action!”

“It’s a romantic comedy, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s horror action at least, isn’t it?”

“… It’s a romantic comedy.”

“Eh? It’s a superpower ac-“

“Romantic comedy.”

“It’s a romantic comedy, isn’t it?”

This work is a romantic comedy.

The protagonist Aikawa Ayumu gets involved in certain incidents and dies.

But at that time, he meets a girl and is revived as a zombie. (There’s action too!)

And that’s not all. (There’s horror too!)

New girls begin appearing in front of the protagonist after he becomes a zombie! (Animals come out too!)

Ayumu finds himself surrounded by girls and leads a carefree life. (There’s suspense too!)

These three unique girls are then interwoven into this boisterous romantic comedy! (There are superpowered battles too!)

And in front of Ayumu and company, villains finally appear! (There are swordfights too!)

Well, if I do follow the outline like this, it’s pretty obvious that this is a romantic comedy.

To be honest, I was the absolute happiest when I was writing Sera’s battle scene. A long time ago, I wanted to become a master at fighting with two swords, so completely unconsciously, all the sword-wielding characters ended up having two swords.

If I write the battle scenes better, this work would become a “romantic action” or an “action romance,” wouldn’t it?

By the way, the illustrations were wonderful. The biggest selling point of this book were the illustrations.

Because the illustrations were so cute, I remember that I had a lot of fun with both the battle scenes and the romantic comedy portions.

So I guess at this point, it’s safe to say that this work is pretty much a romantic comedy.

But, just maybe… it’s an actio-

“No, it’s a romantic comedy.”

Oh right, when I was writing the manuscript I was thinking about this.

Girls (at least, to guys) take up both money and time. Girls are worth that money and time. And to increase that worth, there’s makeup and clothes.

The biggest motivation for us to find love lies in the girl’s cuteness and beauty, right? But, without a good heart, the relationship wouldn’t last for very long… I think.

Couldn’t you say that about books like this as well?

Even though there are cute illustrations, if the heart of the book isn’t good, I don’t think the readers would continue reading.

I hope that everyone who took the time to obtain and read this book laughed, smiled, and want to be with it for a long time… hm? These types of thoughts… sort of make the book a romantic comedy, right? Could it be that in my heart I think of it as a romantic comedy?

“It’s a romantic comedy.”

Lastly, towards all the people who obtained a copy of this book, to all the people who read the drafts, to the members of the selection committee, to the illustrators Kobuichi-san and Muririn-san. And to my supervising editor Morioka-san.

To all of these people, I extend my deepest gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you.

– December 2008, Kimura Shinichi

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