Chapter 4-3

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Chapter 4: Part 3

Hah… Hah… How do you like my zombie strength? I just ran two stations in three minutes!

Maybe I should go to the Olympics or something! Well… If they have a night Olympics, that is.

Ugh, I’m beat. Considering I was naked, that was definitely a nerve-wracking marathon.

I went to open the front door. I went to open the… Gnnnnggg… Huh? It’s locked? Why?

I rang the doorbell once, but I couldn’t hear anything from inside the house.

I walked a bit around the house.

Were Haruna and Sera not there…? I tried to peek into the living room but my view was blocked by the curtains.

Ah, there was a light on in the bathroom. When I looked in, I saw a familiar ahoge.

Oh. She was in the bathroom.

“Hey, Haruna. Unlock the front door.”

I spoke softly so I wouldn’t wake the neighbors. Haruna turned in my direction, and…


Her scream hit my zombie eardrums straight on. It was a scream that would have put the ones you heard in horror movies to shame.

“It’s a pervert!! A pervert is here!!!”

Be quiet! Haruna, be quiet! Stop screaming like you saw Bigfoot (1) or something!

“Haruna, it’s me. Calm down!”

“You really think I can calm down?!”

Haruna flushed, trying to drown out the sounds of trickling water.

“Just go away!”

“I’ll wait for you… by the entrance.”

“You a high school girl after her graduation ceremony or something?!”

I went around to the entrance and gripped the doorknob, waiting for the door to unlock. As soon as I heard a click, I opened the door and moved into the house with more agility than a cheetah.

“I’m back, Haruna.”

I opened my arms and gave her a fresh smile.

“Don’t open your arms! Hide yourself! Why the hell do you look like that?! Even using the Kaiouken amplified by twenty wouldn’t make you that naked!” (2)

Haruna averted her gaze and took something from the umbrella stand.

I felt goosebumps run across my entire body.

Yes! If I remembered correctly… the things stuck in that umbrella stand were…

The two katana that Dai-sensei used as her masou renki!

Haruna held the two swords up on both sides like an Estark from Dragon Quest.

But as powerful I had become, I could just brush her attack away.

Fufufu. How naïve, Haruna… You can’t beat- gyaaaah!! She completely pierced me through!

“Ayumu’s movements are easy to read. Don’t think you can evade my attacks that easily.”

What?! Well, she did manage to learn how to read Kyouko perfectly. And since we’d lived together all that time, she probably could read me like a book.

“Well then, Haruna. Do you know what I’m going to do now?”

I opened both my arms and slightly gripped my hands into fists. Haruna was probably trying to guess whether I was going to come from the left or the right. Kukuku. I was only pretending to do that, but I would show her: I’d push her down by the waist instead.

“You’re pretending you’re going to punch me, but you’re really thinking about doing something perverted.”



“Just hurry up and go change already.”


I covered my private parts and went up the stairs, my shoulders slumped.


I heard Haruna speak softly, so I turned around. “What is it?”

“………………Welcome back.”

That’s how I realized that there was an incredibly cute girl standing in front of me.

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(1) He actually uses the tsuchinoko, a fictitious snake creature.

(2) Dragonball reference.

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