Chapter 2-2

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Chapter 2: Part 2

It was the next day: Yuu’s birthday. I was a zombie, so I couldn’t walk around freely under the sunlight, which meant as usual I spent the day at school chatting idly with people until the sun set.

The sun was setting outside. My classmate Orito was sitting in front of me, while Tomonori, a classmate from next door who had come over just to chat, sat to my side.

“So, well… there’s a birthday party today. Can you two come?”

“Eh? I can go?”

My super super ordinary classmate Orito played with his unnecessarily spiky hair and his eyes began to water up behind those glasses of his. Hey, it’s just a party… don’t start crying just because of that, dammit.

“M-Me too?”

The short-haired girl wearing a sailor’s uniform put her index finger on the bridge of her nose. Her name was Tomonori. Well, you technically were supposed to pronounce it “Yuki,” but she was so tomboyish and unrestrained that people called her “Tomonori” as a nickname. She was also a vampire ninja, just like Sera.

“Yeah, both of you can come.”

“I want to go, but I…” Tomonori looked a bit torn about something.

Tomonori might be a vampire ninja like Sera, but they belonged to opposing factions.

Also, because of a ridiculous accident, for some reason Tomonori was now my “wife.” Despite that though, she always was considerate of Sera’s feelings and never intruded at our home.

“Sera is okay with it, so it’s fine.”

“Can I reaaaaaally go?”

“How many times are you going to ask that?”

“Okay, I have to prepare a gift then. This is all pretty sudden…”

Tomonori crossed her arms and shook her head, groaning.

“It was pretty sudden for me too. I had to rush out yesterday and buy something for Yuu.”

Tomonori and I shared a laugh, while Orito stood off to the side, his eyes sparkling. He began to speak in a low voice.

“I had thought a day like this would come… so I always already have a present ready.”

“Good for you. So, what kinds of things does Eucliwood Hellscythe seem to like? Does she have any hobbies?”

It seemed that Tomonori intended to just ignore Orito. He would just get more annoying if we paid attention to him, so I agreed with this move.

“I don’t think she has any hobbies… she just usually sits in the living room and drinks tea.”

“Tea, huh…?”

Orito seemed to be aiming for this lull in the conversation.

“I’ve already-“

“Ah, maybe she’d like some kind of food?”

Agh! I was actually going to listen to Orito there, but Tomonori completely interrupted him!

“I’m sure she’ll be happy no matter what. It’s the thought that counts.”

“I-” Orito’s eyes were tearing up in sadness behind his glasses, so I let out a sigh.

“Orito, what did you want to say?”

“A-Aikawa! Listen to me! Tomonori is bullying me!”

I was listening to you. I got it, so stop crying.

“She’s a beast! She’s a complete beast!”

Stop grabbing my clothes, dammit. Also, stop looking at me with those big eyes like you’re a maiden in distress or something… oh and also…

“Just hurry up and spit it out already!”

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