Chapter 1-5

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Chapter 1: Part 5

I couldn’t really see very well. After that, this boy… erm, I mean girl… beat me until my face had swollen up, and right now Sera and I were following behind her. Ugh, she can really punch for a girl. Seriously, she punches like a guy.

Haruna seemed to have taken quite a shock from that kiss scene, and ran home as if trying to escape.

I started to chase after her, but it seemed that she had returned to full health, and more importantly, there was something bothering me about Mael.

This boy… erm, girl… what the hell was that tonkotsu ramen she was using? I could ask about that, right? I mean, there might be a way I could defeat Megalo without transforming.

If I could learn about that, I would be able to take care of business without ever showing everyone that unsightly cosplay outfit. I had to find out from her by any means necessary.

I don’t know if rooftops were a ninja’s special territory or something, but Sera and Mael both proceeded across the roof we were on soundlessly.

Not knowing how you were supposed to run across a roof at that speed without raising a sound, I followed noisily behind them.

Mael stopped, and pointed straight.

“Lately, there’s been quite a lot of monsters around. Take a look.”

Where she was pointing, there was a huge, bear-like thing punching a guardrail. I knew it was a Megalo from the school uniform it was wearing, but… hm? Something was off.

Ah, right. I couldn’t feel even a sliver of cuteness from him. Was he that ferocious? All the Megalo I’ve fought with up until now… they were more like… well, they seemed much more rational.

They had the appearance of a beast, but they overflowed with humanity… however, this Megalo was different.

This one really seemed like a monster.

So there was still a Megalo here? Hm? Haruna hadn’t noticed it?

Three vampire ninjas were dealing with the Megalo, who was howling at the cloudy sky.

And in the hands of those three people, there were ramen bowls. I couldn’t see very clearly from this distance, but they were probably also filled with tonkotsu ramen.

Dodging the Megalo’s attacks as he waved his arms around, the vampire ninjas found an opening and attacked.

Being sploshed with the tonkotsu ramen, the Megalo writhed in agony and then dissolved into particles, vanishing.

“What did they just do?”

Even Sera found that sight a bit strange. No matter how many times you looked at it, it really was profoundly strange.

“We found out that those types of monsters are weak against tonkotsu soup.”

“Huh?” Even Sera didn’t seem to understand Mael’s statement.

“We still don’t know which ingredient does it, but something in tonkotsu soup… makes those monsters melt. (1) Haha.”

Was that just a pun…? Tehee. Mael shyly scratched her head, and Sera spoke to her in a merciless tone.

“Don’t say worthless things like that, please.”

She was cut down with a single stroke.

“So it’s effective?” (2)

I don’t think I will ever forget the way Sera looked at me at that moment. Her gaze was basically saying “what the hell did you just spit out?” to me, and was filled with disdain. Those were the eyes of someone who had already gone far in life.

“Effective. Ahahaha! Only effective on monsters! Surprisingly, I think I’d get along with you!”

“Well, we kissed, after all.”

“A-Are you an idiot?! That obviously didn’t count! Why the hell are you looking at me like that? That definitely didn’t count! It’s like the three-second rule when you drop bread onto the carpet! Ah, seriously, stop smirking at me!”

She was seriously easy to tease. It’s almost as if I had another Haruna.

Sera pierced the roof with a green-colored sword, so Mael and I sobered up… we wouldn’t want the family under us to have to deal with a leaky ceiling.

“But even so, those monsters are seriously strong. Even if we can deal with them with just one attack, we need at least three of us or else it’s an impossible task.”

“Even if it’s someone who’s as strong as Mael?”

“Don’t underestimate me! If it’s me, I can defeat them all by myself!”

The mischievous smile that rose up on her face also made me think of Haruna. She almost seemed like she wanted to flex her biceps, but her arms were slender.

“So, we worked out a countermeasure. Well, just follow me.”

Sera and I silently followed after Mael, who once again had broken out into a run.

Or I should rather say, if I tried to say anything Sera would just glare at me, so it wasn’t possible to strike up a conversation.

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(1) Effing puns. Monster is “youkai,” and melt is “youkai suru.” Hence the sentence was “youkai wo youkai saseru.” So funny -_-

(2) Effing, effing puns. “To have an effect” here is “sayou.” And Ayumu uses the informal question marker “kai” at the end. So he says this as “sayoukai?” hence extending the terrible pun chain.

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  1. Sera pierced the <> with a green-colored sword, so Mael and I sobered up… we wouldn’t want the family <> us to have to deal with a leaky <>.


  2. Wait, that messed up the formats, huh? Sorry. Anyway, where those markers are happen to be where the line doesn’t make sense; the roof was pierced, but he’s worried about the family below them? Are you sure you didn’t get something wrong there?

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