Epilogue Part 2

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Epilogue: Part 2

It had been quite a while since all four of us enjoyed shopping together, and after we went home, we sat around our table. Haruna was on my right, Sera was across from me, and Yuu was on my left.

In the end, this battle formation was invincible. If anyone was missing, it wouldn’t work.

Yuu, like always, was drinking from a teacup as she watched a variety show on our plasma television. And nobody pestered her about anything.

She had come back, so everything was fine. We could find small pieces of happiness like this, so everything was fine.

Everyone in the room probably felt the same way.

With all four of us assembled like this, the fuzzy feeling in my chest had stopped coming. It had been a while… A while since I’d felt so refreshed.

In the middle of all that, Haruna was mumbling something with her arms crossed.

She was probably thinking of something. I felt like at a time like this, I should probably just ignore her.

“You know, I thought of something!”

Sigh. It didn’t matter whether I paid attention to her or not; the end result would be the same. “What is it?” I asked with another sigh.

“People who do selfish things have to be punished!”

As she said that, Haruna pointed to Yuu.

“You have to play a penalty game!”

“Hey, hey, she came back to us, so it’s not like-“

I don’t mind.

Yuu’s eyes were filled with resolve. Sera uncrossed her arms and clapped her hands once.

“How about, for a day, Eucliwood-dono wears the disgusting outfit that Ayumu always wears?”

“I don’t think that would really be a punishment, but that could work… Ah, wait. I have an idea. Wait just a second.”

The three others gave me suspicious looks as I took out my cell phone and dialed a number.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Sorry, but there’s something I want you to bring over.”

“Something you want me to bring over?”

“Yeah, it’s that thing you mentioned before…”

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