Chapter 5-7

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Chapter 5: Part 7

It was after school on the next day. The evening sun shone on a quiet classroom, and I had my hands on my classmate Orito’s shoulders. I held my breath for a moment and gave him a serious look.

“And that’s what happened.”

“… I understand the situation you’re in, but doesn’t it seem like I’m also randomly getting punished here…?”

The corners of my spiky-haired friend’s mouth twitched as he gave a most appropriate opinion.

“Well uhh… just please. Think of this as saving my life. If I don’t do this they might kill me.”

“No, but seriously, exactly why do I have to kiss Aikawa-”

Of course I didn’t expect to convince him. So instead, I didn’t let him finish.

“Sorry.” I whispered that one word and quickly stole his lips.

I could almost feel little pink cupids with little pink hearts flying around everywhere in the background.

Tomonori, who was acting as our official witness, flushed a deep red. Confirming that she had seen, I quickly wiped my mouth with my shirt sleeve. Orito stood there with his cheeks tinged red.

“Y-You might’ve taken my lips, but don’t think you’ve taken my heart!”

… What a gross idiot.

The moral of the story today: whether it’s sexual harassment or not is ultimately the girl’s decision.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 5-7

  1. It’s no surprise that only Ayumu had to go through with it. Sucks to be him this volume (though I guess he did get quite an eyeful).

  2. Wow this was short. But please do not tell me that Orito will fall in love with Ayumu in the end. The whole thing with Sera is already annoying the shit out of me. I liked her best in the beginning, when they where just working together.

    Great job with the translation though!

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