Chapter 3-5

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Chapter 3: Part 5

After retelling the story of our stargazing trip, Tomonori leisurely walked into the middle of the courtroom to finish her testimony.

“Hey, Yuki-chan. All I got from that story is that Aikawa is a huge perv.”

Mihara smiled as she said that, her makeup as perfect as always.

“But, when I asked, Kanami and Hiramatsu wouldn’t go stargazing with me, but Aikawa would! He’s a really good guy! I was seriously moved!”

My lawyer was next to me with her eyes closed tight, trying hard to convince the jury.

“Hueh? I also told you I’d go with you…”

Judge Haruma seemed to be quite unsatisfied at these proceedings, and her ahoge drooped.

“Yeah, I was seriously moved by that too!”

“Is that the only point you were trying to make with your story?”

The prosecutor glared at Tomonori, not able to suppress her annoyance.

“Eh? Umm… I just wanted to testify that Aikawa isn’t the kind of person who would do something bad on purpose.”

“And do you really think you’ve succeeded? Not only did he pull down my pants, but also treated me to a hideous strip show under the starry night sky. Your Honor, the prosecution recommends an eternity in Hell.”

Bang bang!

“Lock him in a locker for three years!”

T-That’s way more harsh than I had imagined. As my face cramped up, Tomonori frantically shook her head and waved her hands in the air.

“No no, that’s not it! Aikawa was attacked by a bear and he was just protecting me. Umm… so, that’s why stuff happened. It’s not like AIkawa had any evil intentions at all! And uhh, uhh… something’s a bit weird about all this…”

“This conversation doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.”

Sera sent a condescending smile at Tomonori.

“Can I make a quick remark?”

The handsome English prince Anderson-kun raised his hand from the juror’s box.

“Doesn’t it seem that Aikawa has already gotten punished for everything? He was made into a Nessie, his jeans got blown to shreds, he was attacked by a bear, and at the end of it all he was lynched by an entire group.”

“Y-Yeah! That’s it! That’s what was weird! Sure, Aikawa did some pervy things and stuff, but for some reason I could forgive all of that. Orito’s stuff I’ll never ever never ever never ever forgive, but… yeah, it’s because Aikawa always had something terrible happen to him after! And if you add a plus hundred to a minus hundred, you’ll get a plus hundred back!”

Tomonori pleaded with the court. Hiramatsu didn’t seem to be able to ignore one detail in that little speech, so she turned to Orito next to her and spoke up.

“Why… was the total a positive number?”

“Because she’s an idiot.”

Orito answered immediately. Well, if Orito hadn’t said that, I probably would’ve said it instead.

“Actually, I want to accuse Seraphim of being way too defensive!”

Swish. Tomonori pointed right at Sera.

Uh oh, what a drastic turn of events. To think Tomonori would play that card… maybe I could even win this thing. A small glimmer of hope lit up within me. Onwards, to the next short story!

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One thought on “Chapter 3-5

  1. Mujajajajaja, what turn of events, and also, he is always getting punished! Imagine an angry Ayumu, or selfish Aymu against them just once!

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