Chapter 4-1

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Chapter 4: If You Want to Die, Step Forwards!

Chapter 4: Part 1

The minute I got back to the classroom and Orito saw the wedding dress I was wearing in shambles…

“Now nobody can be a hentai except for you.”

He spat that out for all to hear, thus cementing my reputation as a well-known local hentai.

I told everyone that I got like this because I fell down the stairs and then managed to knock over a bucket of water at the end of it all. Everyone believed me probably because it was known I had a pretty weak body and was always collapsing everywhere.

Although, in reality, that was because the sun was too bright.

However, it’s not like they could allow me to keep working in a blood-stained, tattered wedding dress, so I once again found myself walking around the school alone.

If you ask me though, a blood-stained bride (male version) seemed extremely monster-like, so it’s not like I’d be out of place if I stayed…

Anyways… Sera also seemed to have decided to work there as Hanako-san for the time being.

She said something about always wanting to work at a café like that. Orito also stayed behind, saying something about wanting to be where Sera was…

Tomonori said she was going with Mihara, Hiramatsu, and Anderson-kun to see the Drama Club’s play in the multi-purpose auditorium, so I was just wandering around by myself.

What was Haruna doing? Was she still trying to sell those CDs?

I decided to go see how she was doing, and began to head towards the old school building, when…

I met that sake-drinking little girl again. And she was holding in one hand what looked like the same bottle of sake that had been confiscated before.

The festival booth she was at should’ve been pretty popular amongst the students, but right now she was the only person there. Did everyone else already tire themselves out or something?

This booth was the “Bring Down the Vice Principal!” booth. There was a panel painted with what looked like a demon king with his head portion gouged away, and from that panel the vice principal’s head was sticking out.

For a hundred yen, you could throw a water balloon at him. It was that kind of life-or-death setup.

Because nobody would probably play if the vice principal could see who they were, he was wearing a blindfold with cute little eyes painted over it.

“Come on! Bring it on! Is that all you’ve go- gyah!”

Water balloons crashed against the panel one after the other. The little girl, cute as a small animal, continued to toss the water balloons as she gulped down her sake from the bottle.

“You! How much damn money have you spent on this thing?!”

I couldn’t help but call out to her.

“She gave us ten thousand yen.”

The Japanese language teacher told me that with a smile.

“That’s way too much! Also, she’s drinking! Pay attention, dammit!”

I couldn’t help but talk back to the Japanese language eteacher.

“Huh? Aikawa-kun, that’s water.”

“Did you drink it?”

“Eh? No, that girl said it was wate-“

“Come on! Bring it on! Is that all-“

Water balloon after water balloon sailed bulls-eye into the vice principal’s face.

I went over and snatched the girl’s sake bottle from her.

“Agh! Hey! Don’t do that!”

“Ugh, where did you get this back…?”

“It’s a celebration, so it’s ok! You idiooot~~!”

“Celebration? So everything worked out okay?”

“Mufufufu. Everything’s settled. Give it back, ughhh~~…”

She continued to toss water balloons at the vice principal with a huge smile on her face. She really seemed to be in high spirits.

“If you need something, feel free to call on oniichan here. Kids shouldn’t drink sake.”

“It’s just water~. … Oniichan, give it baaack~.”

“If it’s not sake, then I’ll give it back.”

I wanted to test what exactly this was, so I tipped the bottle back and took a drink.


This was definitely sake! Was this brat seriously drinking something this strong?!

I let out a groan, and at the same time, the vice principal took off his blindfold. And then… our eyes met.


Just as the vice principals voice began to ring in my ears… the sake-drinking little girl ran away.

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  1. Jejejejejejejeje, poor Ayumu, first a battle ship class Hentai, then a weakling and now a teen drunkard, they just do not give him a break, do they?

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