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Everyone has courage. They just don’t know how to use it.

Next time. No, definitely next time.

I clasped my hands together and put my elbows on the table. There was around a minute and a half until I got my next hcance.

The minute this soothing music stopped, the match would start.

And then… the fated time arrived. The thing in question headed for me. I unclasped my hands and reached out my arm.

No! Impossible! That’s twice in a row! This is…!!

I lifted up my extended arm a bit. If I just pushed this button… that’s all it would take. I wasn’t asking for anything special. But even then… I gripped my hands into a fist and put both hands back on the table.

I give up.

I’m giving up on getting any tekkamaki. (1)

I really didn’t like how they ran these rotary sushi restaurants.

If I wanted to eat something like tsubugai (2), I would order it. But if I wanted something like tuna or shrimp, I would wait for it to come around on the conveyer belt. At times like those, I couldn’t help but think that I was a coward.

Thanks to all your support, I’ve finished a second volume. And the reason I can go eat at rotary sushi restaurants is also due to my readers, Kobuichi-san, and Muririn-san.

How was the new character Tomonori?

If I were to sum up the second volume in a nutshell, I would probably say “something something something Tomonori.”

The volume is chock full of love comedy-ish parts, such as when Haruna gets a bit jealous, and all the verbal quarrels between Ayumu and Sera.

And then, most of all, there’s Yuu. Many of you have probably already thought about it.

Why was it… why was it that I made the scythe she’s holding in the cover illustration into a hug pillow?

Well, it’s just that I wrote this volume whlie thinking how nice it would be if the heroines could fit my tastes, and it suddenly became like that. I ended up transmitting all this new nonsense out… I really am very sorry about that (in Jack Bauer’s voice).

In any case, in writing this volume, there’s one thing that bothered me.

And that was: how long is this series going to continue? When people start talking about printing a second edition or initial sales momentum, all I can do is just nod back at them.

I didn’t have any prior knowledge of the publishing business. I still don’t have much. I didn’t even know when Fantasia Bunko had set the sale date of my book… and what exactly was a second edition supposed to be anyways?

And then, my manager introduced me to an industry nice guy, Ootsuka-san.

“He’s really put his support behind Korezon.”

Ah, what a nice guy. A Really. Nice. Guy. To think he would go through the effort and explain second editions and returns and all the bookstore things to me, and then that he would support the Korezon sequels…

And in return, I vowed in my heart that I would write something nice for this nice guy. And then…

Alright… I’ll be brave and say it! Right now! Mr. Manager!

“Please give me illustrations!”

“I’ll give you some if I feel like it.”

“You demon, how dare you hold Kobuichi-san and Muririn-san’s lovely illustrations hostage like that!!”

“Well, I’ve definitely already sent illustrations off to all the authors other than Kimura-san.”

……. Huh? ………. I-In the end, will I be able to get illustrations for Volume 3?!

What kind of illustrations of Yuu are going to come after this?! Please take care of me for Volume 3 as well!

Being able to put out the second volume like this was not just a result of my own strength, but was due to the efforts of all the people involved and all our readers. I humbly offer my eternal gratitude to all the people who exhausted their strength to make this work, and all the people who read it. Well then, until Volume 3!

– 2009 April, Kimura Shinichi

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(1) Type of tuna sushi.

(2) Type of sea mollusk, a bit less common than normal cuts of fish in japan.

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2 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. Whoa, big difference from the anime. And I’m loving it immensely. Definitely looking forward to volume 3, along with the ones after it. Until then…

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