Chapter 4-3

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Chapter 4: Part 3


It was Orito who said that, not me. We were in room 305. After school ended, I came to visit Kyouko-chan in the hospital together with Orito. Of course, it was in order to get the Kyoudoufu.

“I brought you a Masked Burger Set as a gift today. Kyouko, you haven’t eaten something like this in a while, right?”

Orito chuckled and passed over the plastic bag. With a somewhat troubled expression, Kyouko-chan received the bag from Orito.

Well, that’s no wonder. Is it seriously normal to give sick people fast food? Looking at the piles of cake boxes and fruit around Kyouko, it really seemed that everyone brought food as a visitation present, and that it would be utterly impossible to get through it all. Oh and by the way, I had brought a random romance novel for her to kill time with.

“Thank you very much.”

As if we were exchanging business cards, I gave her a bow and presented it to her with both hands, upon which she gave me a heavenly smile. Drawn in, I also ended up smiling in return. It was one of those smiles.

“Ah, Aikawa-san, this…”

She handed me a plastic bag, in which was none other than what I had come for. I’m seriously grateful she went through so much trouble.

“What’s that? Food?”

At Orito’s puzzled look, Kyouko-chan sent him a teasing grin. “It’s a secret.”

“Sorry about making you go through all the trouble.”

I took out the money to pay for the tofu from my wallet, but Kyouko-chan pushed back the money with her hands.

“Don’t worry about the money! I also got this too.”

She hugged the romantic novel to her chest and smiled. Soon, I ended up joining her, smiling as well.

“Thanks, I’ll take it then. There’s someone who would go through heaven and hell to eat it.”

“Ahh, so Aikawa-san isn’t the one who would be eating it?”

She pouted and looked downwards.

“Is Aikawa eating Kyouko?”

At Orito’s sexual harassment, Kyouko-chan became as red as an apple.

After that, we enjoyed some normal small talk for a while. I suddenly remembered that Yuu had told me to come back home quickly, and stood up with an “I think I should be going soon.”

“Ahh, then let me see you out.”

Kyouko-chan cheerfully came down from the bed.

Orito suddenly excused himself, saying he had to go to the bathroom. Ugh, do that after I leave, dammit. Together with the ceaselessly smiling Kyouko-chan, I went as far as the hospital entrance.

How exactly am I supposed to get this tofu to the person who asked for it? As I waved to Kyouko with a “Thanks. I’ll come again,” I took out my cell phone and called Dai-sensei.

Riiiinnngggggg…. Riiiinnnnggggggg…

“Hello~. This is the Matelis Magical Academyyy~.”

The gentle, laid-back voice put my heart at ease. I knew exactly who it was just from how she spoke.

“Ah, is this Dai-sensei? It’s me. Aikawa Ayumu.”

“Oh? You’re still calling me that~?”

Dai-sensei chuckled. I mean, Haruna had always called her that, so I ended up calling her that too.

“I got the thing you asked for, but what exactly should I do with it?”

“Oh? It was handed over to you already~?”


“Then I’ll come to get it. Let’s see… I’ll be there when it’s nine in your world, alright~?”

“Nine? Wait, Dai-sensei is coming personally?”

“Yes. Haruna hasn’t been able to return to being a masou shoujo yet, right~?”

“Could you take her back to Virie with you when you return?”

“I really doubt Haruna would agree to that~. She might look like that, but she is a really proud person, you know~? She would definitely say ‘Shut up! Desu! Don’t worry about me! Desu!’ or something like that ~~.”

Even when she’s angry, she still managed to think as far as to add “desu” to the end of things to show respect, hm?

“So, let’s meet somewhere. Somewhere without too many people is probably the best~. I’ll definitely stand out~.”

I recalled the time I had met Haruna. She fell down from the sky like a meteorite, and it would definitely be a bother if Dai-sensei made a similar entrance.

“In that case, how about the graveyard where Haruna first dropped in?”

“Where… is that? Could you please give me the address~~?”

It seemed that she had no idea where Haruna had first dropped in on this world. Well, granted, she had assumed that Haruna had been in Kyoto until recently. I didn’t know the address of the graveyard, but I did give her the addresses of a few places near the graveyard, to which she responded with an “I understand~~.”

I then ended the phone call, and when I looked over my shoulder, I saw that Kyouko-chan was still waving to me. Was she seriously planning on continuing to wave until she couldn’t see me anymore?

As I thought, she was seriously, lovably cute.

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