Epilogue Part 1

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Epilogue – I Don’t Hate It.

Epilogue: Part 1

Sitting on top of a gravestone as a refreshing breeze blew, I stuffed my cheeks with some onigiri I had bought from the convenience store.

Dai-sensei had ended up chasing after Kyouko. But, this time, she listened to what I had to say and believed me.

The serial murders that had occurred in this world seemed to be illegal even in Virie, so Dai-sensei had set off to look for and capture Kyouko. She also had promised to keep me updated about the situation.

Well, with this, the serial murders would stop, and the lonely, boring days I was spending in this world would return, I guess. If Virie was also looking for her, it’s not like Kyouko could do anything too flashy.

Days where I placed peace and luxury above all.

To me, being able to sit here and stuff my cheeks with onigiri was supreme bliss.

Yes, before I met them… before I met Yuu… it was certainly like that.

But, what was this? There was just something missing from this situation.

I suddenly felt like going home quickly, and returning back to that noisy place.

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