Chapter 4-9

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Chapter 4: Part 9

We boarded a train and headed for the city center.

It seemed that the Megalo appeared right around the time the last magical bomb was recovered.

We got off the train and ran. It took about five minutes to finally reach a lively area that seemed like the place we were looking for.

It was like a festival, or something festival-like; the streets were just flooded with Megalo. They weren’t really doing anything special, though, just standing there in a daze.

The crowd must have thought that there was a film shoot going on or something, because the normal people just watched with smiles on their faces.

Well, all the Megalo had those school uniforms on, so I didn’t blame them for thinking that way.

If someone told me that the Megalo were just students on a field trip who got carried away, I honestly might have believed that.

We stood far away and just stared at that strange sight. Another group of people was doing the same thing.

Tomonori was with them. It seemed that the vampire ninjas had also rushed over, but they hadn’t tried to act. They were probably imagining the chaos if they tried to take on this many Megalo at once. It was a natural decision to just watch the situation until they could figure out what those Megalo were thinking.

Sera stood somewhere she wouldn’t be seen by the other vampire ninjas.

Geez, what the hell were those Megalo thinking?

When I looked up at the sky, I could see something sparkle. It was headed our way.

A meteor shower was headed straight for us, crossing over Tokyo Tower.

Was that the masou shoujo? It looked like they were coming here with all they had.

The masou shoujo fell down to earth like meteors. As expected, the normal people began to run around, trying to escape.

The first person to land was Dai-sensei. After that, other girls in cute costumes touched down.

“I-I’m going too!”

Once she saw all the other masou shoujo, Haruna seemed unable to hold it in any longer and began to run towards them. It took all she had to keep standing before that, but she could change her mood pretty quickly in the right situation.

“Haruna, please wait!”

Sera tried to stop her, but when Haruna got like that, she was almost impossible to stop.

Geez… Maybe I should go stop Haruna…

…Wait just a second. Where was the King of the Night?

I looked towards the sky again. In that direction was… Tokyo Tower.

I see. I wondered why I didn’t get it before.

He was watching it all, wasn’t he? And what’s more, he was doing it from up above, like always.

That viewing platform… If he was up there, he would probably be able to see all the fuss down below, right?

I looked at Sera and Haruna, who were looking elsewhere, and then I broke out into a run without calling out to them.

The vampire ninjas, the masou shoujo, Dai-sensei, Sera, and Tomonori were all back there. I could just leave it to them. Plus… If I told them that the King of the Night was up there and I was wrong, that would be pretty embarrassing.

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