Epilogue Part 3

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Epilogue: Part 3

Haruna’s ahoge danced a samba as she cooked, and taken in by her incredible charm, I became distracted from the tasks she had assigned me to do.

“Agh, dammit! I told you not to whip it, didn’t I?!”


Up to this point, I would have never desired this kind of everyday life, but now that had changed.

I wanted to hold this life precious forevermore. That’s how I thought about it.

In the space of this week, many things had happened.

Haruna had appeared, we had been attacked by Megalo, Sera had appeared, we had been attacked by Megalo, we had been attacked by Megalo, Megalo had appeared, Kyouko had…

Hadn’t I been attacked by one too many Megalo?

Megalo were the enemy of masou shoujo. I was a zombie and a masou shoujo, so I think it was unavoidable that I would be attacked. Not that I wouldn’t mind getting attacked less. (1)

Even so, weren’t the Megalo coming a bit too often? Granted, if they were coming because Yuu was showing emotion, then I would take them all on. If that’s what it would take to ensure these days could continue.

“So, why exactly did you suddenly decide to make pudding?”

Haruna’s ahoge jumped back and forth. She was clearly in a good mood.

“Rejoice, Ayumu! We’ve been selected for a Megalo extermination operation!”

“… But you can’t even transform yet.”

“Not me! Ayumu’s doing it!”

Why is she completely ignoring what I have to say? Also, where exactly are we going to be doing this? Don’t tell me we would be going to a different world?

“There are a loooot of masou shoujo and Megalo gathered in this world! Ahh, how exhilarating!”

She opened both her arms wide, and spun around, looking pleased. As I expected, this world was going to get involved in something unpleasant again. Hey, wait just a second. Didn’t that mean… that we would be waging war?

I know I’ve said so many times that I would take on all the Megalo, but now I wanted to take that all back.

When I looked towards Yuu, I saw a somewhat lonely-looking expression on her face. If we exterminated all the Megalo, what would happen to the underworld, where Yuu came from? Yuu was probably worried about that.

“Ugh, I’m really not suited for this kind of task. Yuu, sorry, but switch with me.”

When I half-forcibly pushed the task on her, Yuu nodded once and willingly switched with me. Yuu was more skilled at the task than I had expected, and I suddenly found myself left without something to do.

I see, so she could properly do things she was told to do.

Haruna and Yuu looked almost like sisters, cooking together like that. At the terribly charming scene, I felt my jaw slacken.

The puddings were put into the oven, and Yuu came over to me silently. Haruna watched the oven intently as her ahoge bounced around.

Yuu had on her usual emotionless expression, but to me she seemed like she was having fun.

Haruna seemed to be pleased with this type of lifestyle. I also couldn’t help but be pleased with it. Sera also seemed to have opened up a bit.

But, what about Yuu? Could she be properly enjoying herself? She couldn’t ever show emotion, and couldn’t ever put what she held dearest into words.

“Hey, Yuu. What do you think about this way of living?”

I didn’t really expect an answer from her, but…

Tap tap. When I looked down, what was written there was…

I don’t hate it.

That was written… ahah, and I was completely worrying for nothing.

But, I felt like there was still something I was forgetting here… something I forgot to ask…


“Hey, Haruna. It turned out you had nothing to do with the serial murders this time. But what exactly was up with what you said back then?”


“When you said things like ‘If you’re a zombie, you wouldn’t die even if you were stabbed,’ or ‘ninjas can disappear or reappear.’”

“Ahh, that. I already figured it out, so I’m not too interested anymore, but… I mean, the wizards in this world can teleport and heal themselves without even using magic. So I was always wondering what type of strange magic this was, but I figured out that it was because they were making people in this world into the undead and into ninjas. Heh, someone like me can understand that much simply just by thinking about it for a bit.”

… Were there seriously wizards in this world?

Probably, she’s talking about magicians.

Stab me to death… oh, could she be talking about illusionist magic?! And the appearing and disappearing was that too!

What a fool I was for being thrown for a loop by Haruna’s words, even if only for a bit. That makes sense… There’s no reason Haruna would have any interest in the affairs of this world.

… For some reason, that annoyed me.

“Hey, Haruna. Speaking of that stabbing magic… there are gaps they stab them through, you know.”

“Eh? Aren’t they just healing where they get stabbed?”

“The disappearing and reappearing too, that’s just them moving normally through open spaces behind or underneath them. They’re not using magic or any kind of special types of humans in any of that.”


Haruna opened her eyes wide and her mouth hung open. That seemed to be quite a shocking announcement to her. She had really believed that there were wizards in this world.

“Could it be you seriously believed what you believed? Even though it’s pretty obvious if you just think about it for a bit, you’re really just an idiot, aren’t you?”

“U…. I… I was… tricked!!”

Hey, you! Put down that kitchen knife! Hold on! Where the hell are you planning to stick that?! It’s not like I’m the one who tri-


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(1) Literally, “I would be willing to compromise there.”

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