Chapter 1-4

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Chapter 1: Part 4

I went home right after school ended. Rather, it would be more appropriate to say that I was dragged home forcibly by Tomonori. I opened the front door as I put a hand to my head, completely dizzy from the sunlight. Even though Tomonori hadn’t tried to go through particularly sunny spots, I still felt like this… Dammit.

“Oh? You’re home pretty early today.”

Sera’s head suddenly popped out from the living room.

“Yeah, Tomonori took me home. The sun wasn’t strong enough today to actually make me faint.”

“You two… seem to be getting along pretty well, as usual.”

Sera’s expression was gloomy. Sera and Tomonori both belonged to opposing vampire ninja factions. I wonder if she was just a bit jealous here…

“Also, I’m leaving for a bit for the planetarium.”

“Planetarium? Did you find Hellscythe-dono?”

“No… Actually, it’s to hang out with Tomonori…”

“…I… see. Well, taking breaks is also important, I suppose. It might be better than just searching around in a desperate panic… Perhaps.”

I could have sworn she sounded angry with me. I would have preferred for her to clearly say that I shouldn’t play around right now.

I walked up the stairs, still holding my head, and changed out of my clothes.

There was still a little time before we were supposed to meet, but there was nothing to do at home, so maybe I should go a bit early?

When I left my room, I bumped into Haruna. Haruna was wearing a large T-shirt and polka-dotted panties and nothing else, and she was stuffing her face with ice cream.

“Hueh? Ayumu’s here? Where are you going?”

“Ah, I’m actually going on a date.”

“Da-! Da-! Daaaa?!”

What the hell was up with those sound effects? It wasn’t like we were in a suspense thriller movie at the time.

“I-idiot Ayumu! I’m not going with you! I can see why you want to go on a date with me, but… I-I’m still…”

“No, it’s not with you.”


Haruna was rooted to the spot like a stone statue. I passed her and went down the stairs.

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