Chapter 3-2

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Chapter 3: Part 2

“Hmm… I see.”

A spiky-haired guy stood in front of me, nodding while I explained my plan to him.

“Ayumu… mm, no, sorry. This do-hentai -dono told me to ask you for further instructions.”

Not only did she correct herself there, but I was now a dreadnaught-class hentai… (1)

“… Sera-san. I’m sorry, but you picked the wrong opponent this time.”

“Orito, do you know much about Sara-… I mean, about Hoshikawa Kirara?”

“Well, she’s pretty famous in the net idol world. She’s a top ranker there. I mean, when you hear her tell you that looking at her underwear is okay in that style of hers, don’t you want to be her fan too? She’s also a good singer, she wears the outfits you send her, but she always has that strict personality of hers. That’s another secret to getting popular.”

“hmm, so you’re one of her fans too, aren’t you?”

“I’m… no no, I’m not.”

Orito waved his hands back and forth.

“Why? I would have thought that a dirty lowlife like you would be just what that girl’s looking for.”

“That’s… well, it happened last May. I was on a train, and I realized that I was riding in the same car as Hoshikawa. I also saw that Hoshikawa was being felt up by some salaryman.”

It was a rule that vampire ninjas were not allowed to kill humans. So I doubt that Saras actually killed the guy… but I wondered how she had dealt with it.

“I thought that this could be my big chance! I mean, I thought that if I saved her here, maybe this would lead to love blooming between the two of us! Right?”

“No, wrong.”

“Yes, that’s wrong.”

“Anyways, that’s why I went up to her. The minute I reached out to grab that man’s hand, Hoshikawa turned and looked at me…”

“Did she mistake you for the molester?”

“’Is that all you got? You’re complete crap at this,’ she said to me.”

Orito wiped away the tears that had formed inside his glasses at this painful memory.

“Wow… harsh.”

“Yeah. And that salaryman and I just stood there in shock. We didn’t even need to hold onto the train straps.”

He had suffered so much psychological damage that he couldn’t even move anymore. Well, I guess I an’t really blame him here.

“Let’s turn to the topic at hand. How do I win?”

“That’s simple. Sera-san just has to play this game on equal terms with her.”

“What do you mean?”

“Right now, if you say Net Idol ‘Lovely Kirara,’ anybody will know you’re talking about an angelic star of the Net Idol world.”

“I didn’t know though.”

“Which means there are cracks in her defense. Well, just leave it to me.”

Have I ever left it to Orito before now? … I don’t think I ever have.

After that, Orito took out a single-lens reflex camera and took three photos of Sera. Namely, one of her chest, one of her butt, and one of her face.

After he had taken the last photo, for some reason Sera punched me hard.

“What should I do?”

“Just keep on working here like normal.”

Orito flashed us his pearly whites, and Sera for some reason punched me hard again.

Could you spare me the outbursts of anger, please?

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(1) The prefix “do” is generally used in very slangy circles to mean “very.” So “do-hentai” means “huge hentai” or something like that. Interestingly enough, “do” itself is short for “dreadnaught class.” I actually didn’t know this before reading this, and I had to Google search it to confirm.

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