Chapter 4-1

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Chapter 4 – Nude King, You Truly Were… a Big Pervertifriend.

Chapter 4: Part 1

Yuu was in the living room, drinking tea.

The plasma television, which was usually tuned to a variety show, was now showing a home shopping show.

The next day had already begun.

Four plates of roast chicken were sealed with cling wrap on our low dining table. There was also a space in the middle, maybe for cake.

There was only one silver-haired girl in the room. She put her teacup down on the dining table and glanced at me.

Welcome back.

She showed me that memo, her face unchanging. I looked around the room a bit.

“Where’re Haruna and Sera?”

Already asleep. = “They went beddie bye already~~.”

“I see.” Well, it certainly was pretty late.

“Yuu, you didn’t go to sleep?”

I haven’t had a Christmas party with Ayumu yet.

Yuu… she probably would’ve waited here for me no matter how late I got back. She was a strong-willed, good girl.

I heard a sound above me. It was a rather strange sound, so I looked up.

When I did that, a beautiful girl descended from the ceiling.

Her black ponytail fluttered as she lightly touched down onto the floor.

“Are you finally back? If you were any later, I was planning to throw the stove at you.”

Sera looked up and glared at me with her piercing eyes.

“You weren’t asleep?”

“I am a vampire ninja. Nighttime is when my abilities are strongest.”

Well, certainly, I didn’t think vampires or ninjas slept very much at night.

“So, Haruna is the only one who’s asleep… that’s great.”

“Why? Are you planning on doing something disgusting again?”


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