Epilogue Part 2

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Epilogue: Part 2

After school, I found myself staring at the setting sun, and then I saw Yuu coming towards the school.

Did Yuu come to meet me today? Was coming to school to meet me a new secret fad or something?

“Yuu, what’s wrong? Are you by yourself?”

Yuu gave me a single nod and passed over a memo.

I’m sorry.

“Sorry for what?”

I caused so much trouble for everyone.

She was still worried about that? This was definitely not one of her good habits.

“You didn’t do anything like that. It was just the same thing that always happens. At the very least, it wasn’t Yuu’s fault.”

“Aikawa, let’s go back together!”

At that moment, Tomonori showed up, having come back from club meeting. Yuu hid behind my back and tried to get away from Tomonori.

“Oh? Is that Eucliwood? Wow, this is the first time I’ve met her. She’s really, really cute, isn’t she?”

“Look, she’s afraid of you. Don’t get any closer. Also, you’ve met her before.”

“What? Why are you treating me like I’m some sort of wild animal?”

“Ayumu! Let’s go to the arcade!!”

Haruna. You’re also here? It looks like inviting you to the arcade that one time was a double-edged sword.

“You’re going to the arcade? I’m really not too good at games. I’m more a physical type of person after all.”

“That’s no good. Those who call themselves vampire ninjas must learn all different types of skills.”

And even Sera showed up. What was up with today? Ah, could it be that Yuu came, so Sera followed her, and then Haruna also came because she didn’t want to be alone?

“I guess I’ll give in. Should we go to the arcade again?”

“Hooray!!” Haruna seemed incredibly happy.

“I guess I’ll go,” said a rather nonplussed-looking Sera.

And then, as for Yuu, who looked incredibly lonely…

I am-

I still don’t know what her thoughts were when she wrote that incomplete memo, that memo that she could not write any further.

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