Volume 5

Volume 5: Ahh, My Darling is a Good-For-Nothing

Color Illustrations

Prologue – If You Fill Your Mind With Dirty Thoughts, Even the Greatest Hardships Will Cause You no Suffering.

Chapter 1 – Full Speed, Full Throttle! Starlight~! Cheers!!

Chapter 2 – Well, Desler Really Seems Like He’d be Good at Billiards!

Chapter 3 – If a Girl’s Cleavage; is Bigger Than an F Cup; it’s Worth it to Marry… Oops, Too Many Syllables.

Chapter 4 – Ehh? Really? Alright, Old Man! Alright, Another Glass of Shouchuu!

Epilogue – It’s Aikawa Ayumu’s CD Debut. What’s the Name of his Song?




12 thoughts on “Volume 5

  1. We’ll patience nan for epub or pdf [alto we just be fine with little type setter error, but if QC said so what we can do]…good job for translate and not abandoning this project, since its one of my favorite light novel.


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