Chapter 4-8

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Chapter 4: Part 8

The next night, suddenly, the time of truth arrived without warning.

I had just finished my magic training and my special training session with Dai-sensei, and I was still in the middle of changing. So when Sera burst into my room, I hid my chest with my shirt and let out a squeal.

“Kyaaahh! Sera-san is such a perv.”

“Please stop behaving so strangely. It’s disgusting.”

She really couldn’t take a joke. Seriously, stop glaring at me like that.

“What did you want?”

“A large number of demons have appeared.”

So the fake Megalo again? Wait… Hadn’t they destroyed all the sources of those things?

Don’t tell me… Was the King of the Night making his move?

“According to Tomonori, almost a thousand demons have suddenly appeared.”

Why so suddenly? And so many… But we didn’t have time to think about this.

“Let’s go!”

“Those were exactly the words I came here to hear.”

“That’s strange. I thought you didn’t want to go any place where vampire ninjas were…”

“Well, these circumstances are a bit special…”

When we exited my room, I saw Haruna sitting there.


Haruna’s legs were shaking.

“T-take me to the bathroom.”

Haruna was lying flat against the floor, so I picked her up and headed for the bathroom.

“Do you feel Megalo around?”

“Yeah. This feels really bad.”

Haruna was afraid… So these Megalo were the real thing? What the hell? As I carried Haruna to the bathroom, Dai-sensei came out from the living room.

“Oh my, it seems that the real Megalo have managed to track that man down~~?”

So as I thought: real Megalo had came from the Underworld.

“Dai-sensei should also come with-“

“I’m returning to Virie for a moment. This is a good opportunity to defeat the Megalo, after all~~.”

Right, she was going to call the other masou shoujo. We quickly began to move.

“Ugh…” Haruna groaned as she appeared from the bathroom.

“Are you all right? You can stay here if you want, you know?”

“Huh? What are you saying? Of course I’m going!”

I thought she would say that. As it was, there was no way to know what was happening without going to check.

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