Chapter 4-4

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Chapter 4: Part 4

After I changed and headed back to the living room, I saw the forms of Haruna, Sera… and Dai-sensei.

Ah, was everyone waiting for me?

“I’m happy to see the Gem of Life did it’s job properly~~.”

Dai-sensei had tied her hair into twin-tails and was smiling at me, her hands pressed together in front of her.

“I’m relieved too. What happened to Yuu?”

I glanced at Sera to gauge her mood.

“I apologize. They disappeared into the mist.”

That ability was as annoying as ever.

“Dai-sensei, are you feeling all right? You were locked up all this time, right?”

“Hmmm, well, I had to wear the same pair of underwear that entire time so I really just wanted to die, buuuut, other than that everything was perfectly pleasant~~.”

“So, do you know where that man is now?”

“I wonder~. Even if I knew, I don’t believe Ayumu-san would be able to beat him~~.”

“Would Dai-sensei be able to win?”

“Yes. If I just had my masou renki, escaping from there would have been simple as well.”

“Simple,” she said… Well, she was able to hold her ground against both Kyouko and the King of the Night at the same time, so she probably would be able to beat him one on one, but…

“I’m going to be the one who beats him.”

When she saw the fierce look in my eyes, Dai-sensei seemed amused and chuckled.

But it was true. If I wasn’t strong enough to beat him, Yuu would never trust that I would be able to protect her.

“Fufu, I see. I thought you would say that~~. Well then, Ayumu-san. I’m sorry to say thiiis~~, but I actually made fourteen of those magical bombs~.”


“No, no, ones with explosive spells included~.”

“That’s quite a few. So he used two… and there’s twelve left…”

“Yes. And if you can’t find thooose~~, then even if you track him down it will turn out badly for you~~.”

“So we just have to find those first.”

“Well~~, I’ve already called together some masou shoujo to take care of that~.”

“I’ve… also reported this to the vampire ninjas.”

Sera seemed a bit tired.

“All right, then we can also-“

“Well, about that, Ayumu-san~~. I was thinking that I would train Ayumu-san while all the bombs are being found~.”

“By Dai-sensei herself! That’s amazing, Ayumu!”

Haruna’s eyes were sparkling. Her ahoge was also bouncing around like there was no tomorrow.

“That would be a huge help. All right, I’ll get ready right away-“

“Don’t you want to rest a bit? I may look like this, but I’m quite strict, you know~~.”

“I already soaked in the tub for ten minutes. Let’s head to the graveyard, then.”

“I’ll go too-“

Haruna began to stand up, but I raised a hand and stopped her.

“Haruna, please prepare dinner. I really want to eat your cooking.”

And I also wanted to talk with Dai-sensei alone.

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