Update History

4/25/15: Volume 5, Chapter 4 Translated
3/26/15: Volume 5, Chapter 3 Translated
2/21/15: Volume 5, Chapter 2 Translated
11/23/14: Volume 5, Chapter 1 Translated
10/26/14: Volume 5, Prologue Translated

10/11/14: Volume 4 Translated. Banzai!
9/25/14: Volume 4, Chapter 4 Translated
8/3/14: Volume 4, Chapter 3 Translated
6/26/14: Volume 4, Chapter 2 Translated
5/12/14: Volume 4, Chapter 1 Translated
11/28/13: Volume 4, Prologue Translated

11/15/13: Volume 3 Translated. Banzai!
11/8/13: Volume 3, Chapter 4 Translated
11/1/13: Volume 3, Chapter 3 Translated
10/4/13: Volume 3, Chapter 2 Translated
9/6/13: Volume 3, Chapter 1 Translated
8/28/13: Volume 3, Prologue Translated

7/5/13: Volume 2 Translated. Banzai!
6/28/13: Volume 2, Chapter 3 Translated
6/12/13: Volume 2, Chapter 2 Translated
8/20/12: Volume 2, Chapter 1 Translated
8/2/12: Volume 2, Prologue Translated

7/9/12: Volume 1 Translated. BANZAI!
6/28/12: Volume 1, Chapter 3 Translated
6/9/12: Volume 1, Chapter 2 Translated
6/3/12: Volume 1, Chapter 1 Translated
5/27/12: Volume 1, Prologue Translated


21 thoughts on “Update History

  1. guys, i’ve been looking for the translation of this light novel. You guys just make my day.
    Please keep up the good work. Lot’s of people will appreciate this, especially if there’s any chance for you the completion of the whole series ( just hoping :P).
    I’ll check on this site often from now..

  2. i’ve been looking for the translation of this light novel!!!!!!
    and i thought this novel never get translation…….
    but This time!!!!
    My dream came true

  3. Finally, I have found a group of brave pioneers who have decided to begin the epic journey that is translating this light novel series. You sirs have my utmost respect, gratitude and joy. I wish you success in your endeavour and pray your determination, willpower and free time continue to be strong and abundant. Good luck and Godspeed.

  4. yes, this really made my day
    day after day i visit bakatsuki but nothing, and know i found this
    you are the best of the best, thanks for translating this LN

  5. Keep up the good work! I really loved watching this series’ anime and I was looking for the LN and now I found it. You guys are awesome and I really hope you can complete this series!

  6. I just want to say even though I am an impatient fool, you guys brought me joy through your work of this project! Thank you very much for translating one of my favorite light novels! Keep up the excellent work!!!!!

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