Prologue Part 2

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Prologue Part 2

Now then, what do you think happens when a dam breaks?

The answer is easy. Water would just gush out in uncontrollable torrents.

So there we sat, just talking about pointless things and trying to kill time.

But then the event opened, and the completely fired-up people around us suddenly…




They let out a war cry and dashed for the entrance.

It was like watching race horses bolting out from the starting gate at the beginning of a race. All these ferocious males entered into the event hall with the force of a hurricane.

It really was like watching a dam break and a torrent gushing out.

So, why exactly was I trying to make such a dumb metaphor here?

Well, all I wanted to say was this:

I was completely washed away by the flow.


I could see Tomonori reaching out to me, also being washed away in the sea of people.

Dammit! Did these people forget that a staff member had just told everyone not to run a minute earlier?!

And there really was an incredible amount of people here. I don’t think there were even this many people in those huge war scenes in the Taiga dramas on TV.

I continued to be tossed back and forth by the sea of humans, and by the time I finally managed to make it into the event hall, I had already completely lost sight of Orito and Tomonori.

If I had been together with Orito, I probably could’ve made my way around without getting lost… but now where was I supposed to go to meet up with Ms Boob-….. sorry, I meant Nene-san?

I really regretted not taking a good look through that catalog now. But for now, I had to find a way to meet back up with Orito or Tomonori.

Staff on megaphones and speakers from overhead continued to warn people to not run, to warn people that it was crowded, but a big black stream of otaku continued to flood violently into the area, everyone scrambling to be first.

I also got into it, not wanting to be outdone, and proceeded in while being careful not to be thrown to the ground by the crowd.

I noticed that the line was splitting into two at some point.

There was now a line on the right and on the left. The line on the right seemed to go into a big hall, where supposedly they were selling doujinshi.

I heard a lot of voices ringing out from the hall, almost feeling as if I was at the Tokyo fish market.

To be honest, I didn’t want to go in. Zombies weren’t really creatures strong enough to survive in the midst of savagery such as this.

The line on the left… seemed to be continuing straight through the building. Maybe I should follow that line and do a search of the whole convention center? Hmm, but… what if Orito had actually gone into the hall?

I separated myself from the stream of people for a moment, walking around aimlessly.

What should I do? I racked my brains for the answer…

Alright. I’m going in.

I steeled my resolve and quickly turned around.

“Ukyah-” I heard a small yell. My years and years of accumulated experience immediately told me that the yell had come from a cute girl.

I had bumped into her because I had completely ignored the flow of people around me and had suddenly turned around.

And yes, it was certainly a cute girl.

“S-Sorry! Sorry!”

The girl bowed over and over at me. She probably wasn’t too much more than 150cm tall (1). She looked like she was in junior high… or maybe not even. She was definitely what one would call a loli.

And quite a cute loli at that.

“I apologize too. I should’ve looked to see where I was going.”

I bowed myself, but even then the girl didn’t look up.

“Sorry! It was my fault! Sorry!”

But this really had been my bad… what a well-mannered, nice girl this was.

She had what looked like a tiara on her head. She was wearing a cute cosplay outfit with a dress as its base. She was probably dressed as some kind of princess anime character or something.

But the thing that stuck out the most in my mind was the stuffed lion she was lovingly holding onto.

It was a lion the size of a kitten with a splendid mane. She was tightly hugging it with both arms, and every time she bowed the lion’s tail waved from side to side.

And with her sparkling blonde hair going in all directions as her head went down… how could I help thinking she was really cute?

But, hmm… she wasn’t just cute. There was something strange about this girl…

Yes… she had a similar feel to her as the necromancer who had turned me into a zombie.

There was just this… air of mystery around her, and I couldn’t take my eyes off.

“U-Umm! I-I’m… I’m sorry!”

“Did you come to a place like this all by yourself?”

“Eh? N-No no no…”

The girl’s face went bright red and she shook her head from side to side. Seems like she wasn’t alone.

“Well then…”

“U-Umm… I’m sorry!”

“I mean, you really don’t have to apologize. Also… if you got separated from the people you’re with, you can walk around with me.”

“Eh… r-really? W-Walking around with someone like me… I-I’m sorry!”

She gave me a smile, and then of course she apologized. When she said it like that, it almost sounded like she had just refused me…

But it seemed that saying “I’m sorry” was this girl’s speech quirk.

“What’s your name?”

“Ah, umm… s-sorry. M-My name is L-L-L-L-Li-Li-Li-Li-”

It was like listening to an alarm clock. And with her cheeks slightly flushed like that… God she really was cute.

“Calm down, calm down. My name is Aikawa Ayumu.”

“Ah, okay. I-I’m… I’m Lilia Lilith! Sorry.”

Lilia stiffly got that out, a look of apology on her face. I couldn’t hold in a chuckle. Maybe that was the name of an anime character somewhere.

“I-I’m sorry! Did I ruin your mood?”

“Ah, nah, nothing like that. Well, shall we go, princess?”

She was wearing a dress, so I held out a hand as if I was escorting a princess, and Lilia took that hand. She held her lion with her other hand even more tightly, careful not to let it fall.


Lilith said that and looked down at the floor. I felt my heart race a bit.

And so, I ended up looking around for Orito and the others with this strange girl Lilia.

No matter what I did, Lilia would just keep on apologizing.

Even when she bumped shoulders with someone and almost toppled to the floor, even when she got jostled, she would just keep apologizing.

Where did she come from? What were her hobbies. What kinds of books did she like? No matter what I asked her, she would just end up apologizing.

Honestly, when you were with such a sweet little girl, even searching for people became kinda fun.

My face was probably flushed red the entire time.


Ah, I could see Tomonori waving at me. Looks like I finally found her.

“Ah, that’s Tomonori. The person I was looking for.”

“Ah, i-is that so? That’s great… I’m sorry.”


And just then, someone called Lilia’s name from the opposite direction.

“Ah, looks like I was found too. I’m… really sorry for everything.”

“I see. Well, looks like we’ll be parting here. Also… Lilia, why exactly do you apologize so much? Isn’t it such a pain to just always pay attention to other people like that?

“S-Sorry! I-I was always like that… since I was small… all around me… I could only feel sorry…”

Maybe she was bullied in school? Bullied so much that she started apologizing out of habit.

But this was probably not something I should be sticking my nose into, so I turned to look at Tomonori and waved.

“B-Because I… am one who calls death… I’m sorry.”

Shiver. I felt Lilia’s cute voice wash over me from behind, going through my down jacket and shirt and enveloping my entire body.

I turned around, but Lilia was no longer there.

I felt like a taxi driver who had just let a ghost into his cab. I just froze there, completely dazed.

One who calls death. I had heard those words before.

That was what some called the necromancer who had changed me into a zombie.

Yes, the necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe, with her terrifyingly high levels of magical energy, could change the fates of those around her.

Often for the worse…

Right now, after I had met Yuu and died, I had met with various situations in quick succession. But I didn’t want to blame all of that on Yuu.

“I am one who calls death.” Just those words alone wouldn’t be enough to surprise me that much. They probably just hadn’t sunk in very much.

But the words “I could only feel sorry”… those words indicated that she had the same kind of power as Yuu.

I see… hearing that, I think I finally understood.

Certainly, Yuu always felt sorry. Those were the only feelings she could feel without changing the fate of those around her.

So Lilia… she was someone with the same amount, if not more power than Yuu.

And she understood the nature of her power.

The chief of the vampire ninjas had originally been from Virie.

So it wouldn’t be strange at all if her daughter had the same level of magical power as Yuu.

Could it be that Lilia was the chief’s daughter that Tomonori had been talking about?

Or maybe…

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(1) Less than 5 feet.

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